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First Time Denial

Over the weekend my husband and I took a few days off to our selves for our anniversary. We go to a local 4 star and get a room and kind of let loose since there are no kids. This time I wanted to try something new on my husband.

We started off Friday afternoon and did a couples massage and got both of us totally relaxed and horny. From there we went to the hotel early. As soon as we checked in we started stripping each other. Unknown to my husband, he would not have his turn for a while. As he requests all the time, I tied him to the bed and blind folded him. I then proceeded to tease and use him for my sexual needs. I took a couple hours to tease him and fondle him till he was rock hard for nearly an hour without even touching his cock. Finally I removed his blindfold as I mounted his face and he sucked my clit until I came all over his face.

When we were done, I undid his cuffs and he tried to jump me. I denied him his pleasure and we headed for dinner. We got all dressed up, him in his nice slacks and button up shirt, me in my garters, stockings, and a new bra and panty set underneath my little black dress. We looked hot. We went to a local restaurant where we could eat and do a little bit of dancing since there was a piano player. Once again, what he didn't know what I had arranged for a friend of mine and her husband to be there too.

Half way through the night, her husband came up to me on the dance floor and asked me to dance. My husband was shocked when I said yes and told him to have a seat at the table. For the next little while he got to sit and watch as I let my friends husband fondle my back, my arms, my hips, and finally my butt. I rubbed on his leg and gently stroked his chest as his wife and my husband looked on.

When we were done, husband and I headed back to the hotel. He was so horny he reached over and stroked my leg gently. Slowly moving his hand up my leg, he would eventually find my soaking wet panties. He moaned as his finger stroked them as we drove. To tease, I reached over and let his cock out of his pants and began stroking it. He was almost ready to cum when we arrived at the hotel and I suddenly stopped.

When we reached the room, before he had a chance to react, I threw him to the bed and quickly cuffed him down again. I then spent another hour or so teasing him till he began begging to be inside me or let him suck my clit. I then had him, still cuffed, get onto his knees for a new surprise. After getting on his knees, I blindfolded him again and began teasing him all over with a few of our vibrators. What he didn't know was that I had a new one for him. He moaned and moaned as I teased his balls and cock and his nipples, but he began getting louder and louder as I gently rimmed him with my tongue and then rubbed oil on his butt. Then the groans began as I gently slid his new anal vibrator inside and turned it on. He began moaning and groaning louder and louder and I teased him with it deeper and deeper and I teased his balls and cock more and more.

He begged me to make him cum, he said he was going to explode. With that, I rolled him on his back, vibrator still in place and removed the blindfold. From there I teased him in a way he begs me to on a regular basis. I began masturbating with my finger and my vibrator. I spent some time stroking my juice over my lips and clit as he watched the whole thing. Feeling I was about to cum, I climbed on top of him again and continued to use the vib on my clit till I came really really hard. My juice rolled out of my lips down to his and he began licking every drop.

I rolled off him and curled up with my head on his chest as I gently teased his hard cock and teased his anal vibrator from time to time. He begged me to make him cum, but I denied him again and we fell asleep. Around 4am I figured I should at least give him a chance to hit the restroom so while he slept, I undid his cuffs. About a half hour later I felt his hand on my hip. Once he realized I was awake, he grabbed my hip and roughly rolled me onto my back.

I could not believe how it all felt. He put the blindfold on me and began sucking my nipples and nibbling my tits. He kissed, nibbled and sucked every part of my body. He then worked his way to my lips and clit and OMG I was so wet and he was so horny, I sucked and licked like there was no tomorrow. As my first orgasm subsided, I felt him working my lips with my huge 12' vibrator, I was instantly in heaven again. He then spent the next hour or so working me over with three more orgasms.

Then he couldn't hold it any longer. After my most intense orgasm, I lay there barely able to move and he spread my legs and raised them high in the air and knelt between my legs. He finally got what he had wanted and the wasted no time throwing his huge, rock hard cock into me. He pounded and pounded and pounded, it was another 20 minutes or so and he was still pounding away when he started begging me to make him cum. I reached over and grabbed his new anal toy and told him to put it in. Once I turned it on his eyes rolled back in his head and he began panting.

I rolled over and got on my knees on the edge of the bed and he mounted me from behind. He began pounding me again and it felt great. Pounding and pounding, he was grunting and moaning and once again began begging. Feeling my own orgasm again I began moaning louder and louder and finally screamed cum in me, fill me up. He screamed a grunt and grabbed my hips hard and forced himself so deep. Feeling his explosion inside me sent me over the edge and for the first time in our marriage we came at the same time.

I have never seen or felt him cum like that before. We lay together and fell asleep. We woke up and went to breakfast and as soon as the door closed, he threw me to the bed and stripped off my cloths and began sucking and licking me some more he made me cum two more times before he began begging me to let him cum again. It would be another two hours before I would let him release again. This time I wanted to watch so when it came, I stroked him while he was on his back with his vibrator in. He shot with such force he covered his chest and his face with his own cum.

I think I like this orgasm denial technique, and I know my husband does. Has anyone ever done anything like this? how did it work out for you?


Real Person
That is so hot. Wish my wife would take it to that extreme for me. I love her teasing and using me for her sexual toy. For me, denial helps keep my cock good and strong and hard for much longer.
I would like to add some questions to this thread as well. First of all, can someone elaborate and give a more thorough description of "Denial Sex"? I have read a little and from what I have seen, most of the time it involves locking the man in chastity, is the a "required" part of denial or can it involve just teasing him on the edge of orgasm without letting him cum?

Also, from what I have read this could also be a form of tantric sex as well. Is that also true/possible? Is that what might be the lure for some men?

Any further info or clarifications would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I have to say, after last night I am going to see what might happen down the denial road. I not intentionally have denied my husband his orgasms off and on for a month or so. Mostly because of his back medicine allowing him to stay hard enough to pound away, but not hard enough to cum.

Well, last night I got the best pounding in a long time. I got it for at least 20 minutes in each of three positions. I finally had to beg him to stop I had cum so much I couldn't take it any longer. I finally begged him to cum and finish. When I did, he filled me instantly. Even 15 minutes later, he was still hard and wanting more. I would have, but my lips were wore out and my body was exhausted.

Thinking I might like this denial thing.