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First time cuck

Hi guys this is my first post on the forum so be nice!

My girl is 28 years old and very petite, innocent looking I thought until in the bedroom. Lately when we have been watching porn together, she has been only choosing interracial porn, and if the guy is not absolutely huge she turns it off and finds another video. She cums 4 or 5 times watching these videos and doesn't cum once if I fuck her, and she makes comments about being jealous of the females in the video. I have found photos of bbc on her phone too but I don't know who's they are and if she has fucked them or not.

We would like to begin having a cuckold relationship as she has told me she will stray to black men behind my back if we don't. I am very submissive so would enjoy creampie eating (I always clean her after sex anyway), fluffing, verbal and physical abuse. I would also suck bbc if forced.

Despite her being 149cm and 98lbs she has a thick ass and nice tits. She is a definite size queen and although I have never seen her fuck a huge dick she does use very big toys and swallows them whole.

Only the biggest bulls need apply...