First BBC Still Searching


I had been trying for quite some time to get my wife to be open to the idea of exploring. I know, as a fact, that the concept turns her on (makes her wet as hell!), but when I try to gently move her in that direction, she digs in her heels! What I, as her husband, wants is to have the adventure of a lifetime. I want her to LIVE the fantasy and to see her face as she's entered for the first time by a bbc! I want to hear her screams of see her body leaping as orgasms sweep her and she bathes your cock in the sweetest juices that ever flowed!....and you? I want you to tease her with that cock before ramming it deep, deep into her. I want you to thrust like a wild man enslaving her to your tool. I want to hear her beg and cry out...completely out of her mind. Finally, when you can't take her sweet pussy's blissful sucking on your cock any more, I want you to fill her completely with your sperm...the more the better. I want this for her. Send a note if interested.