First bbc experience and its all downhill ;)

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    My name is chris and I am 19 years old. Me and my girl, who is 18, have always been very sexual and love to experiment with new things. One night I opened up to her and told her my ultimate fantasy: to have her gangbanged by a group of black men with huge cocks. She was nervous but agreed, telling me it was a fantasy of hers as well, and since she had moved into her own place closer to her college, she didnt have to worry about her parents finding out. So one night on craigslist I contacted a group of black men who were interested in my situation and set up a meeting near our apartment. It was 2 guys and we talked everything out and went to our place. My girl (Marilyn) was wearing a short dress and was already bent over on our bed. The two guys were pretty big (one of them was HUGE, like 9 inches and really thick) and the other was like 7 and average girth. She dropped on her knees and began to blow all of us, and then got back on the bed and we all took turns with her over the course of an hour and a half. Watching her work that huge cock was insane, her facial expressions ans sounds were sexy as hell. After we finished she swallowed all of our cum. That experience opened her up into a whole new level of kinkiness. In the months that followed that night, she probably hooked up with atleast 10 black guys without my knowledge until I asked her when i saw a text on her phone. I told her we can arrange gangbangs for her anytime she wants, and that if she is open with me about her sex life, she can do as she pleases, because i find it fucking sexy lol. I included a few pics of her, but they are not the best resolution. Thanks!

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    As I say so often... It all boils down to COMMUNICATION!

    Enjoy your relationship. With that kind of open communication, sounds like you've got a great one already.