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How does he feel about that?
If he is a true cuckold he says yes dear and then calls the doctor to schedule his operation.
I know I do as I am told or i won't get to lick her beautiful tasty vagina. I wont get her sensual handjobs, or her prostate rubbing pegging.
I have never disobeyed since the first time i had to go in drag to work. My beautiful secretary whom I could have had sex with if I wasn't in a Female Led cuckold, was always flirting, & accidentally in my lap a lot. I did not want my secretary to know I was the lady at home. So I resisted for the only time in our relationship, and have never been able to forget it and still regret.
I put my foot down and said never would my employees know that I was the house wife and that I wore the gown at our wedding. (I need to tell that story! )
Kristen laid out my slutty skirt, heels, pink bra, panties, and stockings with a white blouse and my gold chain with block letters sayings female owned bitch.
I wore my usual clothes and said i would lose my authority over my office staff.
She told me to think long and hard, then announced she would stay with her friends since I had lost my oral service rights, and she needed relief.
I broke then and begged forgiveness and promised to never talk back again.
She put me in a chastity device for the first time and it was serious, a punisher. After i serviced her she pegged me hard with no lube but my spit. It hurt but the dominance and humiliation made ne cum hard. She pushed my face in and me lick my slime up. I had to hold it with my mouth open while she took some pictures.
She called her friend ann and they both made fun of me while they dressed me, put my makeup and wig on. Ann can be mean and she accidentally hit my balls several times.
They got very dressed up and then Ann put a collar on me with leash. On the way to the office party we stopped at a strip club and went in. I was instructed to flirt with the grossest men i could see. Soon i had a "friend " sit me with at our table. The ladies told him how good i gave head and invited this disgusting drunken 50 something man to come with us. The ladies made us get in the back seat where he started tounge kissing me. I sucked his dirty cock luckily he was tiny and also came fast. Unluckily he came so much i couldn't swallow it all when he was done they took him back to the club.
I had to thank him and promise him and his friends future service.
Now we went to the party with me tousled and the girls didnt mention that I had cum in my wig or in my blouse.

They took me straight to my secretary, my wife had got me to admit that i would love to eat her pussy too..
My wife told her i loved to cross dress this was my idea to come like this so Sheila would know i like cock. She then told her i demanded to stop in a gay bar and suck a random cock before we arrived. Then she brought me her and ann into my office where she showed her my punisher cage.
She asked Shelia to watch over me at work, and make sure I was not sucking black cock. She said we moved from our last town because i was blowing the 45 year old black janitor and the young black mail boy.
She then said i needed to be masturbated twice a day, and said that if she could take care of me at lunch, she would have me get her a promotion. She gave her a key , then said that our sex counselor is having me eat it so i get my semen fix.
Shelia Kristen and Ann laughed hysterically while Ann opened her top expising her nice tits. She then jerked me off fed me my cum and they laughed some more.
Shelia has bossed me around since and has her own dominated sissy too.
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