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Tomorrow night I will share my wife with 2 guys!!! One is black with a very huge cock and the other one is Spanish from Spain with a unbelievable fat cock...I feel that I will get jealous and stop everything.. Some help?!?!


Sweet & Cordial
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re: Some Help?

Don't eat before they get there ... you want to be hungry, right? :rolleyes:

I say that, having read a couple of your recent posts. I'd say this little 3-some arrangement with your wife is more for YOUR benefit than for her ... you've talked about wanting to suck a black bull's cock, and your wife's desire to watch. Do these fellows know of your secret desire? A lot of guys don't want other guys sucking or even touching their cocks, and they could get upset if suddenly you attempted to suck their cocks.

Anyway, its best you decide asap as to whether you're going to let things proceed, because ONE, these guys could get rightfully upset if you suddenly got cold feet once they arrived, as you've basically wasted their time. And TWO, this sends a terrible message to your wife as whether to follow through with attempting to fulfill any of your future fantasy desires. How would she be able to tell if you were serious, or that you wouldn't have regrets later? Once it happens, there's no taking it away. Mac

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