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Finally looks like Asian wife likes BBC :)

Okay so I have been posting up on the forums here and there for awhile. I am married to a very petite naturally beautiful chinese girl 25 and I am 31.Our sex life is good she doesnt surf muuch porn but likes hentai especially 2 M- 1 F. She likes the underlying stories as much as the pictures and associates them with expeiences even roleplaying etc. We have been together 5 years and il be honest i like looking at IR clips etc and she knows it.

We have talked of introducing a third and because this has been my fantasy so long I brought it up expecting her to jump at the idea since we had talked of a third. She dismissed it immediately which hurt a bit but i managed to get over it and keep this fantasy to myself. She wanted th e third to be another white guy. We are still in the fantasy stages but recently had a few problems where I guess she really appreciated my patience with her. We talked and she confessed that she had looked at a few clips after I mentioned my fantasy to her.

My point with her has always been if it truly is sex and we walk into it 50/50 why does the color matter if he treats her right. Well she agreed to watch a clip and apparently had no idea that black men were this well hung XD. I guess my wife must be the only woman on the planet but i love her for it. I haent posted much here so hoping this is allowed here if not appologies in advance.

My wife began to stroke her pussy the minute she saw her sucking such large tools. She moaned softly and said im sorry i never knew they were so big. I watched her grab her largest dildo and cum in about 3-4 minutes flat then played for the rest of the clip fixated on their cocks. So I wish I could personally thank the girl and guys in this clip ideally heh but can't. So i posted it up cause its a nice one for all to enjoy :)

looks like my wife is up for taking black cock now I can't wait but not going to rush anything.
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