Finally got blacked


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Some of you know we share this account for the most part and things have been rocky recently so we've been broken up and I found out the other day after we fucked for the first time in months that she took a full 10 inches of black cock and then she told me that they hang out regularly now. I was speechless and didnt know what to say I kind of laughed and my face got red lol and ever since then I cant stop thinking about it she said it was amazing and it hurt in the best way. The funny thing is now when I fuck her her legs dont tremble and she can walk fine, she laughed and told me that is his fault. Suggestions?


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Either you are both fine with it or you are not. If you are not there is nothing you are going to read here that will fix your problem. If she is getting her toes curled well by her bull she is unlikely to stop fucking him for some time regardless of what you may want. From my experience most women want to stay in their marriages. The extra curricular cock is just one of those things that she enjoys. If she hasn't had any desire to terminate your relationship she most likely still love you, but your relationship is never going to be what it was before she got her first BBC