Finally getting blacked tonight for Halloween....

This is a follow-up to what I've been discussing on my newbie thread.

So I finally heard last night, the friend (and sometime FWB GF) that I've mentioned who has ties to the local swinger's scene, has set me up with this black guy, after a Halloween party tonight.

The Bull is supposed to actually be over 7", which I think is big in real life...almost certainly bigger than I've ever had - I checked, and even the supposed 8" dildo I have that was the largest I found at Pleasures (I bought it in black), only has less than 7" that goes in me, though it's really thick. Of course that's not as huge a BBC as I hope to eventually experience....

I could hardly sleep last night...partly because we needed to settle some details this morning, like getting a same-day STD test so we can bareback, and setting up the hotel room. And my ass is positively twitching in anticipation of some good anal...I hope....

I will post about the experience, as soon as I recover and have time ;<') Gotta run now, take my first dose of laxative to clean me out, go get my hair cut for tonight and for the special occasion, and maybe get waxed if I can fit it in....

ღ Lanie
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To part spy European people and celebrate this stupid party of Halloween, of which think of the Americans ?
What has that got to do with anything?

I've heard that Halloween is catching on in Europe, at least in England. And I know that Europeans have their own wild holidays like a version of mardis gras - with the venice masks - not to mention their infamous wild vacations to places like Spain.

Anyway, Halloween turned out good, hot even, if not a total fantasy...I am just working on finally writing up a fair account of what happened, stay tuned....
Silly me, I should have been paying more attention to your posts. You're an absolute hottie with a wonderful freak streak. Do tell us more of your latest escapades. Have any pics as well? Can't wait for all the juicy details.:)
First, I know I should catch y'all up on Halloween - sorry, I've just ended up being busy with the BBC I've finally gotten hooked up with IRL.... :p

The guy I was set up with for Halloween...and have been with a couple of times since...turned out to be rather light-skinned and look more Latino to me, but with afro-curly hair, probably a mix, I didn't ask - or care ;)

A friend of his who he hooked me up with around Thanksgiving, is really, really black - and into the really "big" size range :)

Now as for the question of Latin or white guys - I'm trying to think how to put it. I'm here for BBC because it's something totally out of the ordinary for me, and I think it's similar for some of the other women. When I want dick, I want it to be mind-blowingly big and satisfy urges that nothing else does, and I also get totally turned on when I can be in a position to watch a big dark cock spreading spreading and pulling my pink-white pussy lips! It's like black lingerie on a white girl, there's just something about the contrast that's sexy in a certain special way like nothing else....
Wow, long time...or so it seems...forgot about this thread I started, I've mostly been putting updates in my original Intro thread:


I started this because I wanted to write all about the experience...I know that like me, a lot of girls who haven't gotten black yet, would love to read about others' experiences, or especially their first...but then like a lot of the girls here who get blacked, it's hard to find the time to write out an experience that was so fabulous that you really want to do justice to it and convey as much of the reality of it as you can in words, and answer for other the girls the sort of questions you had before when you were on the inexperienced side....

:blackheart: Lanie

p.s. I will see if I can find, what I started writing about this....