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films with subliminal message for conversion.

films with subliminal message for conversion.

I noticed often interracial is related to the key of "being illegal" or "secret" etc...different, oposition, or even power of black people. The behavior of the interracial couples is unconsciously connected to submission/illegal and breaking the taboo, rules, being different, attention, and other things I noticed.

Can someone tell me films that are connected to it?


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Watching the videos, there is some aspects of fantasy but also elements of truth.

Going black changed both of us. Although I always enjoyed sex and enjoyed having hubby watch me, I never had the earth-shattering orgasms I hear about. Also, for most of the white men, they really seemed to be somewhat like hub. In fact many were just as happy wearing my panties as they were trying get into them. Frequently when I left the bedroom to wash after sex, I would return and the guy and hubby would be 69ing and often more turned on. Admittedly, I encouraged and love the guy action; I really thought most guys were more into other guys.

Our first black man totally changed the dynamics of my sex and my marriage, IMHO for the good. He was most definitely 'in charge', gave me my first multiple squirting orgasm, and very quickly taught me submission which I have grown to love. Hubby too quickly became very submissive. Now when I leave the bedroom, I return seeing hubby sucking the black cock that just made me squirt. I hear the black man telling hubby "Keep me hard for your slut wife" and I walk into the bedroom, he pushes me on the bed, legs spread high in the air, and before you know it, I am squirting all over again. Hubby who cannot compete with his penis has become even more talented with his mouth. Sex has become incredible, addictive, and we both love submitting to him. Actually hubby and I are even closer because we share a hunger for black cock.