Hey everyone! My name is Scott and im really into myself . I like working out shopping and sex. And while I can work out anywhere and there is always somewhere to shop I need some open minded free spirit to help me with my favorite vice and that's sex. I love the connection involved in love making and fucking. it increases that bond when the people involved are from different races. Since im a African American man and not a homosexsual I need a white american women to give me the oppurtuity to be something special in there lives. I don't seek to objectify or humiliate any women but be that strong black man who she can rely on mind body soul. That strong man who will make breakfast in the morning, rub your feet in evening, and fuck your brains out before you go to bed. I love kids. and I have a great career. so please hit me up at or Jarrett Fletcher at facebook dot com. C U soon.