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Fertility Clinic

This was the content of an actual nighttime dream that I had, but since it was just a dream (I'm not even married), it's a work of fiction.

My wife and I visit a new, unfamiliar medical clinic. The sign on the door indicates that the physicians in this practice are fertility specialists. We had been having trouble having a baby so this step was not unexpected. Upon entering the waiting room, she walks to the reception desk to indicate her arrival. While she is filling out some forms, she calls me up and asks me for the insurance information. This is when I see that behind the desk, the office appears very clinical and professional with what would appear to be multiple examination rooms. My wife and I didn't talk about the details of her appointment, but given the surroundings I assume she is here to have a fertility check up. After returning to our seats, I sense that she is apprehensive, but she shrugs it off and I assume it's just nerves related to visiting a new doctor. Soon her name is called. She let's me know the visit will take a little while, I wish her luck then she is escorted to the private room by the nurse.

While waiting the 30 or 45 minutes, I notice more about the waiting area. It's rather plain with a TV showing a generic news program, a few family oriented magazines sprinkled around and a few health/wellness/fertility posters on the wall. Other men are waiting like me, but most of them seem to be as nervous as my wife was upon arriving. During my wait a few other couples came and repeated the steps that we just went through. Eventually, I was called up to the reception desk and the reception desk notified me that my wife was ready to be picked up. The receptionist also explained that "things went rather quickly" because it was her first session. Noticing my confusion about not being taken back to the exam room, the receptionist let me know that my wife went out the back door and is waiting in the hall. Upon returning to the hall, I immediately see my wife waiting in a wheelchair and notice how disheveled and tired she looked and become surprised that the fertility procedure took so much out of her. When I ask her if she's OK, she responds that she's "just fine, but a little tired." The nurse who escorted my wife out handed me a medical bag and explained the different items inside. When she was explaining the pregnancy test, I asked whether she was confused and didn't mean ovulation test. The nurse explained that they already performed the ovulation test on my wife this morning and that test was definitely positive.

It was then that I noticed a third door to the same office a bit down the hall which continued to open and close with a regular stream of tall muscular black men both being greeted warmly and also rushing out rather curtly. Immediately, the light bulb inside my head went off with the understanding that this was not a fertility clinic but an insemination clinic. So many thoughts about the waiting, the procedure, the way my wife looked so worn out rushed through my head. My wife noticing the shock come over my face grabbed my hand and simply said "Aren't you happy for us?" I was happy, if not just a little disappointed that I didn't get to see the insemination of our first baby.

It was at the moment of shock that I woke from this dream (and it was a real dream). I don't know what the dream could mean in real life, but I would definitely be willing to have a partner so that we could repeat the experience.