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February: #lastpost


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Right now, I’m working on another THADDEUS BLACK story. One that’s going to be the third sequel to ‘The Story of Caya’, and ‘The Story of Michael’ collection. The private eye detective who loved fucking white women as much as he gets himself into trouble every now and then. Here's him interviewing a secretary.
Got a couple to meet with later this evening.
Excerpt from: THADDEUS BLACK: The Devil Wears High Heels

The advert in the Cape City Guardian read:
Efficient Secretary
Age: 25 – 32yrs. Good-looking female
Fluent in taking notes and dictation
Apply in person at stated address below.

She was a pretty-looking lady, looked somewhere in the region of twenty-three to twenty-seven, if he were to take a guess. Tall with a measure of ample frame with some thickness to her thigh; he noticed this the way she crossed one leg over the other. She had on a flower-type of dress, like she was fighting not to show off her beauty, but even that wasn’t hiding the apparent bosom she was sporting. Her hair was dark blonde; her makeup subtle. Thaddeus didn't sport any ring on her finger, but sometimes you just never know.

He started with introductions.

“My name’s Thaddeus Black, don’t know if you noticed it on the outer door glass window when you knocked.”

“I did. I’m Sarah Longhand. Nice meeting you.” She flashed her teeth at him as she shook his hand.

“Longhand. That’s a rather peculiar name you’ve got. How old are you, Sarah?”

“I’m twenty-five,” she said. He’d been close to nailing her age after all.

“And you aren’t married?”

“I used to be. Being divorced the last three months.”

She needn’t have answered that but it was a relief that she did.

“Sorry to hear about that. Have you ever had any secretarial experiences before?”

“Well, I’ve done some work at an elderly nursing home and I’ve taken a six-month secretarial study program, so I think I’m fully efficient and ready.” She gave him her full smile.
“Are you good at dictation, too?”

She nodded. “Yes, I am. My shorthand speed is quite fast—”

“No, no, you don’t get me. I meant dick-tation. You’ve got a lovely pair of lips; I want to know how good you are with using them.”

She frowned her face in confusion. “Emm... I don’t follow, sir.”

“Here’s what I mean.” He stood up from the table and she almost felt like jumping out of her seat as she watched with huge staring eyes as he pulled down his zipper, reached inside and fumbled for a second or two before whipping out his semi-erect black cock. “I hope you’re not going to file a sexual assault charge for this, but I’d like you to see it firsthand so you get the idea of just what I’m talking about.”

Her hands gripped the handle of the chair and for a few seconds all she did was staring at his erection nodding its pre-cum-stained bulbous-shaped head towards turgidity. She looked like she wanted to bolt of out the room but her eyes remained fixated at his cock and wouldn’t turn away from staring at it. Thad saw the look in her eyes and recognized what the look signified and smiled at himself. He loved it whenever he whipped out of prick and the ladies just seem to lose their voices at the sight of what he had between his legs. Though a few had actually bolted before he could say anything. One had even once thrown a smack at him. But for the many few, his cock was something to revel at.

“Do you see what I mean now?”

When she tried to speak, her words came out as a croak. Eventually she spoke in a near whisper: “Yes. Yes ... I certainly do. But is this all part of the interview?” she looked up at him as she asked this.

“Yes, it is. Depending on how well you perform. First I need to check your oral skills.”

He bent towards her and took her hands from the chair’s arms and brought them to grip his cock. Her hands instinctively began stroking his shaft while her eyes remained glued to his prick. Her fingers could barely go round his foreskin.

“My God, you’re so big,” she moaned.

“Put those lips of yours to the microphone first, let’s see.”

She brought her head forward; her breath came down on his cock a second before her lips did.



Is there a possibility to read some pages of it?

In my fantasy i will be used hard by stranger mans. They bound me and take me outdoor.
But in real??? I don´t know