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Feats of strength


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It's known that the great majority of black men are stronger than ordinary caucasian men. Have you ever noticed that along the history, a lot of boxers who reached the champions of the world's title in different weights, were black?
In all rules we have exceptions of course and we have great warriors like Rocky Marciano or Jack Dempsey.
But I really took in count black male's strength when my wife told me how she had been fucked by her ex, in one occasion where they had sex in a chair from the courtyard from her house. She sat over him and when they were reaching their orgasm, he stood up and lifted her in his arms without stop of fucking her. Perhaps a lot of black males would be able to do the same with their female partners, but in this case, my wife is heavy (she's 1,80 meters tall and she weighs 70 kilos (140 pound-weight) and our black friend is a little shorter than her.
Have you ever known about feet of strength from black males during sex?

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