Favourite Themes

Would be interested to know what peoples' favourite themes or story lines are for interracial stories. For instance do your favourite stories involve black impregnation, cuckolding, black power and domination or more romantic stories involving a black male and white female etc, etc?


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As my interests tend to center around FemDom situations, my favorite fantasy material tends to include domination, cuckolding and humiliation with some mild BDSM as well.
My fav is when my wife is slowly convinced to give in to a black mans desire for her. And then once she experiences a good hard fucking all nite her eyes are opened to the pleasure a black man can deliver and has no choice but submit to his superior body.......this actually is very similar to what really happened to her and I love reading similar experiences. She rarely likes to give me all the details of sex with her lovers, so reading these stories is my closest thing to hearing what she really does.
The wife takes a black cock for the first time. Hubby, willing or unwilling, becomes more and more aroused by it; watching white wife get BBC fucked, eating out wife's cream pie, cleaning and maybe fluffing her BBC lover(s), and one way or another, hubby ending up going all the way sucking off the BBC, eating his cum, and taking his monster black cock hard and deep in his cucked and sissified boi pussy.


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Through real life episodes having a young white wife that has no desire for blacks until she encounters one and is soon having sex with him. Then finding out that she enjoys black cock much more than her hubby's white one and the embarrassment/humiliation when she tells her hubby her need and desire of black cock.