Faster than expected...a first trial.

Last night's experience:

My wife and I have discussed for some time the idea of acting on our fantasies of her with a BBC.
We're both young, fit and attractive - I've had a long fantasy for her to be taken by a BBC, fueled by her active sexual history and memories of BBC. We're married 9 years.

We agreed to play safe, for her to go to a local black club and dance alone. To attract a black man, dance with him, talk nasty ideas into his ear and rub up against his hard cock while they dance. This was the plan, take it no further.

We arrived at the club late, 1am. We'd had a fill of drinks to relax us both. She was dressed to impress, a tight short number that showed off her asian figure. Her long flowing black hair tied back.

I stood to the side and she immediately danced alone. She would look at me frequently, I could see she was nervous and feeling awkward alone.

It wasn't long before a tall black man, dressed in a hockey shirt and jeans, started to grind against her. She quickly turned towards him and reciprocated, talking into his ear and him back. His hands were all over her, and she was loving it.

After a while they walked past me to the bar, I hadn't figured on this (not sure why) and my stomach started to spin as I felt out of synch with my expectations. At the bar they were laughing and kissing, taking shots and whispering to each other. My wife came over to me and dragged me to her partner. She introduced me and told me that she'd explained to him that I was her husband, and that I wanted her to have a BBC. He bought me a shot, but seemed out of place. He walked away and returned to the dancefloor, seeming embarrassed. My wife asked what I thought, kissed my cheek and followed him.
I was dumbfounded, I hadn't expected to meet him or to be so open so quick. I felt sick and excited.

They danced more, seeming very intimate and tactile.

After an hour of this they returned to the bar, where they stood and chatted with a group (4 or so) of his friends. This went on for 30 minutes or so before my wife came over to me. I was very uncomfortable, I felt panicked and told her I wanted us to go home. This was already many steps past the 'safe' play I had hoped for...

My reaction was overwhelming and out of proportion.

We both left.

At home, I calmed down quickly.

She described to me the experience.

He had talked to her in depth about the huge size of his penis, his ability to f*ck for hours and his taste for asian pussy. He was confused why I would let his wife f*ck another man, and asked her if I could not satisfy her. She told him I could, but I wanted to see her f*ck other cocks, mostly BBCs.
He got into the idea quickly.
She had felt his penis through his jeans, telling me it was huge (10"+) and had got her wet thinking about it.
He had asked her if she shaved, and she'd told him to find out for himself. He fingered her while they danced, and tasted her juices. She loved that.
At the bar, he had told his friends the situation and they had already started to discuss how they could all get in on the action. They asked to finger her, and he had told them she was his, and none of them were to touch her until he was finished with her. All of their hands were on her while they talked about how they would f*ck her and fill her with black cock.

She was soaking wet after she told me this story. I was rock hard. I f*cked her immediately, and she role played getting BBC. Telling me she wanted me to cum in her, to fill her with black cum. She begged, "show my husband how to stretch my pussy, fill it and make me serve your cocks".
I was amazed at how nasty she was, and came quickly.

She clearly was very much wanting this experience.

She told me today (the next morning) she took his phone number.