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Farewell Ladies & Gentlemen

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Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that I'll be resigning my post and leaving the website soon. I appreciate the trust that was placed in me and enjoyed participating here, but due to lifestyle changes, I find I need to restrict my time on line so I can redirect my focus on my number one priority- my Wife.

When I first joined the site the job I had gave me plenty of "hurry up and wait" time to kill, so I was able to participate and spend a lot of time here and on other websites. However, since I have retired, I no longer have that luxury and find I am neglecting home life responsibilities due to the amount of time I spend on line. So I am "cutting the cord" to the internet as much as I can and limiting myself to being online to do only those things that are absolutely necessary such as taking care of banking, medical care, etc.

Besides, now that I can be with my Queen and enjoy serving and servicing her full time in real time, I have little desire to spend time elsewhere. :)

I'm happy that some of the suggestions I made helped the website, but I feel bad that I am leaving you without a submissive male/cuckold in an administrative position to help ride shotgun over that aspect of the website. Hopefully Blackmeat and bm_from_southjersey will find someone to help out regarding that.

Obviously, it would be too disruptive to delete my profile and eliminate all of my content, so I have suggested that the other Administrators just freeze my profile and restrict it to insure security.

Thanks again, it's been fun and I will miss the dialog I shared with many of you.
Best wishes to all of you for the future.

PS: this thread was for info only and is not open to replies.
Not open for further replies.