Mmmm...the dirtiest
Well may be unexpectedly meet a milf that i have had sex with in the past in a public restaurant. I am there by myself at the bar and she is there with her friends or family. We keep making eye contact and sexual tension begin to rise bte us. She starts pulling her hair and slowly biting her lips as i seductively stare at her. She decides to go to the ladies restroom but i have other plans for her. I follow her and right before she makes it into the ladies, i grab her and pull her into the mens. Lucky enough she is wearing a short red dress. I pin her against the wall slowly kisd on her neck as i pull up her little red dress . No time to take off her red thong. I pull it to the side nd penetrate her slowly. Pull on her hair and fuck her slowly but hard enough to make her grab on to me and not let go. I canfeel her pussy so wet and squeezing my cock as she cum and my cock tapping on her cervix. Right as i am about to cum she whispers, 'fuck me in the ass'. I go fo it but this time not so gentle as i am about to burst a nut. I give it to her good and before i know it, she is squirting like a fountain...i pull out and cum on her ass.
We both clean up and leave. Me back to the bar and her back to her friends and you cant tell nothing happened because she goes back to being the classy lady/milf she is...
Lol...things that go on in ma head