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Fantasy Vacation

Wives - have you ever gone on vacation alone just to get laid?

  • Yes I have done it.

    Votes: 14 60.9%
  • No, but I want to.

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • I wouldn't do it.

    Votes: 1 4.3%

  • Total voters


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Alone, on vacation in the Caribbean, Lisette, a stunning, married women in her mid-forties knew what she wanted; what she needed. The first night on her arrival she met Phillip, a tall, handsome black stud she knew could give what she had come for. She invited him back to her hotel room. No sooner had the door closed then Phillip had pushed Lisette against the door. He kissed the back of her neck and bit her shoulder. He filled his hands with her full breasts as she braced herself for the thorough fucking she was going to get. He undressed; he undressed her, leaving only her stilettos on. He pulled her soaking wet thong down and pushed her body forward so her forearms were pressed against the door. Lisette needed to get fucked and she was craving it the way only Phillip could give it to her. He smacked her ass, asking her, "You want this big dick in you?" He took his strong fingers and inserted them deep insider her. First one, then two, he watched as the third finger disappeared within her. Lisette nodded through her lust-filled haze. She gazed back at him. "Fuck me please. No more teasing. I need it" Lisette, no longer able to hold back, started moaning and begging to get fucked, no longer concerned if anyone saw or heard her get the dick she craved and deserved. She needed to feel that ebony column of flesh caress her walls, make her scream, make her cum. She wanted to get pounded hard and Phillip was the only one that could give her that sensation. Phillip was past his threshold for any more teasing. He grabbed his dick and held it at the entrance to her pussy. He looked at the head of his dick as it lay at the entrance to Nirvana. Lisette was like a wildcat, looking back at him begging to get fucked. He took skillful aim and shoved his dick in in one fluid motion. They began working together, to find that perfect rhythm. She was throwing that ass back; he had a handful of hips pulling her back to him. He was grunting like and animal in heat as she was pleading with him to fuck her harder. The sloppy sounds of fucking filled the night as Lisette's wet pussy gushed and dripped her sexy honey all down his balls and legs. Phillip was the first to lose his battle with pleasure. He was in a trance and he felt his orgasm hit him hard but he kept on fucking. He wanted to see Lisette cum and cum hard. He needed her to cum so hard she would practically pass out. He reached around and grabbed her nipples; he put his fingers in her mouth for her to suck. He began a relentless and pounding attack that would ram every inch of his hard dick deep, deep inside her. That was enough to push Lisette over the edge. She was alive with sensations and her body responded with wave after wave of pleasure. Her legs gave out as she gave way to ecstasy. The trip back to Seattle was a quiet one. Lisette thought of her husband and children who were waiting for her. It had been a fantasy vacation steeped in lust and passion that had definitely opened the door to greater heights of pleasure for her. She would never be the same and that, ultimately, was a good thing.


vacation fantasies are my favorite by far. We go to the islands often and use them as a big source of our fantasies all the time. Thanks for this one!


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I would gladly let mine go on a "fuck vacation" cruise by herself if it were all black guys she was going with, she would also like to go!!!!


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Oh I would love my wife to go on 'get laid' vacation with her friends. I would want them to know that she was getting black fucked, so I would be so humiliated