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    Over the last five years my wife and I have developed our sex life to a point where we fantasize about another man joining us in bed. My wife is 42, blonde, and very pretty.. She insists that it is just fantasy but I live in hope that she will someday agree to have sex with another man, a black man.

    It plays out usually with her dressing in classic little black skirt, basque, stockings and heels. She then loves to suck my cock. It gets very hot and she goes wild with lots of dirty talk. Last week it ended with me giving her deep anal while she used a black dildo in her pussy. She was moaning and saying she was having two cocks at once and had never felt so horny.

    I've not yet pushed the subject but I'm hoping I can continue to develop things somehow. I'm considering booking a hotel to stop over in on Valentines Day after going to movies to watch 50 Shades! Thought that might create the mood...then a few drinks in the bar could result in finding the perfect stranger...who knows? I may get to see her take a stranger's cock yet.

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    If she enjoys the fantasy, reality is a matter of helping her relax and take the next step. Most women love the freedom this lifestyle brings.
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