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fantasy? reality?

Sorry to offend i thank you for the compliments but this site is starting to annoy me to many fake people we are very real and live our lifestyle to the full we have set rules the rest is just fun
You know what, there are hundreds of threads on this forum. Some are fantasy and some are real. I look over the threads and participate on the ones I like. I love the fantasy of having sex with Sarah Palin but do I really think i'm going to get that? NO! I also love the fantasy of having sex with Kathie Lee but once again, am I going to get that? NO! Even some of the women that live in England. I can have a fantasy with that but i'm not flying over to England to have sex with her when I find plenty of willing white women here. Even in Kansas. So sorry if I offended you but when I see something I don't like, I move on.