Fantasy or reality?

Just wrote this because nobody is posting hot stories and it turns me on so here ya go.

Alex stands about 5 foot 9, 120 pounds and is 20 years old with an amazing body, blonde hair, perky C tits and plump soft ass with a tight waist and sexy long legs. Her and her boyfriend have been talking about their fantasies lately and it really gets her going thinking about everything naughty it makes her panties soaking wet. She says how she would love to fuck her boyfriend with one of her girlfriends and she insists that she wouldn’t want to be fucked by other guys because tom wouldn’t like that. He insists that it’s ok and if she has a fantasy it’s ok to be open about it since he loves her very much. She then says how she thinks about guys touching her massaging her body and then having them fuck her as she gets spit roasted by two big cocks. She immediately smiles and her pussy starts to drip with excitement. Tom is a little taken back as she has never expressed these feelings before. She then immediately talks about how she has thought about getting gangbanged before and how it would be an exciting but scary situation depending who would be fucking her. Tom doesn’t understand? He says what do you mean scary? She then says, well, I’d want it to be big black cocks fucking my pussy. Tom gulps hard and says really; explain what they would do to you. She starts dripping down her leg in excitement. Well I’d like to meet the guys in the bad area of town and have them fuck me like I’m there little white slut. I want them to give it to me Bareback and nothing but skin on skin fucking me hard and making me cum again and again. Hell I wouldn’t mind being raped by these big black guys. But is it rape if I’m willing she says. Well anyway it would go something like this,
I would walk in the bad part of town where they gangs hang out on the streets, wearing nothing but a skirt and a tank top with no bra on. I want them to notice I’m not wearing panties so they get nice and horny and take me off the street to fuck me. I’d walk by them, and drop something and pick it up slowly as I open my legs so they can see my shaved wet pussy. At this point tom has a bulge coming out of his pants. Alex sits there rubbing her pussy saying you like that don’t you; she continues telling tom how she would then ask them if she can see their apartment. They say yeah you fine ass ho come upstairs well show you every inch of the apartment. Alex slides her panties aside as she slides her fingers into her pussy. She follows the black guys up the stairs while they start to grab her ass and pull her shirt up to see her tits. She is excited and her nipples are hard as they slide their fingers up her skirt. They end up in the apartment sitting on the couch with all 4 of the black men sitting down tell me to strip. As I pull my shirt off I realize what I’m doing, and it gets me extra excited as I pull off my shirt to show off my nice perky tits and hard nipples because I’m so horny. I get down on all fours and start to crawl over to each guy as I pull out there cocks. They are huge. Biggest cocks I’ve ever seen, thick and long as I grasp them in my hand I can’t breathe and I start to regret getting myself in this situation. The black guys stand up and start to mouth fuck me as I sit there and take each huge cock as I choke and spit up on all of their cocks making them glisten in the light. I’m surprisingly turned on now as my pussy starts to get even wetter than it was when I started this adventure. The guys start to realize I love this as they finger fuck my tight cunt. And then what baby do they fuck you? Tom! Alex says; wait for me to cum before I finish this fantasy. Tom starts to stroke his cock. As she starts to rub her pussy with a big dildo she bought that week, it was black and at least 10 inches, Tom says when did you get that?! She says shut up and let me enjoy this. She slides that big dildo in her pussy and continues… As they fuck my mouth I stroke 2 of their cocks, they then rip my skirt off and throw me on the mattress while they suck and kiss my nipples one of them mounts me and spreads my leg as he says “bitch you’re going to get the big black dick today”, he then starts to slide his massive cock into her tight wet pussy and she starts to scream with pain and pleasure as it instantly makes her pussy cum hard and long. Fuck me harder she says with you big black dicks fuck me harder I want to scream! Make me your white slut forever. The black guys start to laugh as they continue to stuff her mouth and pussy with big black cock. She then is flipped over as both guys start to slide into her ass and her pussy at the same time, she screams out in pain as he enters her pussy and his big cock fills it to the max, the other guy puts lube all over his cock to slide into my asshole. He slides in as I yell in pain, but I actually want it in my ass and my pussy, I wanted to be stretched out by big black cocks and forcibly fucked by 4 strong black men. As they fuck me for hours I can’t stop Cumming as they fuck me and call me there white slut. My pussy is dripping with their hot cum down my legs and all over my tits. I lay there covered with their man juice all over me and I can’t help but feel like I needed that. As I put my skirt on the black men say you better be here tomorrow same time. I smile and say I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Yeah you better be bitch, or else well find you and fuck you either way. I smile and walk out knowing I’m a black cock slut and I love it. Tom suddenly starts to cum as he moans and Alex sits there dripping wet from her black dildo fucking herself, she then says well I guess now, I know what I want for my birthday. Tom swallows hard after he cums and says…wait what? I thought that was just a fantasy. It was baby, but you got me thinking and I want those black cocks to fuck me in real life. Now I’m a black cock slut.