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I have read many stories where some lucky girl just ends up getting taken by a BBC right out of the blue. My experience was different. About a month before I got married I decided to live out one of my fantasies which I had had from high school. Since I live in an area with a large black population I had no trouble finding a suitable specimen to fulfil my dream fuck. I met him at a local club where many black athletes come to socialize. To make things easier its attached to a a nice hotel where I had rented a room for the night. After chatting with several guys in the club I settled on the one I wanted, a young, muscular and very handsome college football player. While we were dancing I whispered to him that I wanted to do him. Believe me, I didn't have to ask twice. We finished our drinks and went back to my room. Within seconds our clothes were off and we were fucking. He was so well built and hung like a horse. My fantasy was about to become a reality. We fucked several times throughout the night and again the next morning. His cock was so huge and he filled me like nothing ever had!

A month later my husband and I were married as planned. He has no idea about my fantasy night but I think of it often. Maybe it will happen again. Who knows?