Before I tell you my fantasy I need to give a little more detail about my wife. She has a fantasy of having a mature BBC. She loves the feel of my cum shooting inside of her pussy but insists no one else's cock is going in her with out a condom.
My fantasy is to find a well endowed older black gentleman (disease free), to tell him my wife's likes & dislikes and arrange for him to meet her by "chance". After some stimulating conversations between them she would arrange for the three of us to get together so they could have sex and I could watch. I would watch my wife as she played with her first Black cock and balls in her little white hands and the OMG that would escape her as he got hard. He would then try to consume her DDD's while fingering her pussy and rubbing her button, within moments she would be moaning as she came over and over. When she had enough of his finger she would tell him to come on wanting to feel his cock inside her. He would ask her to suck it first, she doesn't like to suck cock much so she might give him a hand job instead. After a few seconds she would say "I need you to fuck me please" . He would get between her legs and rub his big bare black cock up against her pussy hitting her button, she gasps and says"condom" he continues rubbing his cock against her sopping wet pussy she says "please". He slips his big cock head into her pussy making her moan and says "do you want me to stop?" he slips his cock head in and out several times making her moan OMG as she orgasms. She then whispers "Iwant you to fuck me" he asks "are you sure" as he pushes more of his thick cock into her pussy, she gasps "god yes". He then fucks her deeply making her moan,grab sheets and groan unintelligible words as his big bare thick long black cock went balls deep in her pussy over and over again,bringing mind blowing orgasm ontop of mind blowing orgasm. None of those orgasms compared to the one that shook her entire body as he groaned and slammed fully into her and emptied his balls deep inside of her in jet after jet of hot cum filled her fuller and deeper then ever before in her life.


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The problem with people who write about their fantasies is that they hardly never get to indulge in them. Having a fantasy is like having a dream. We all dream, but when we come awake, we realise one of it was any real. Stop living in a fantasy and go do what you want. Anything short of that and you're in here wasting your time.