fake bbc prohecies

I see alot of fake bbc prohecies posted here lately , and me an outspoken bbc myself ,will not stand for it .Let the truth be known to all , just because a woman chooses a black man for pleasure doesnt mean she doesnt love another man as well . Her accepting pleasure married or not ,puts her outside the traditional thinking box of sex period. All men she be happy and joyous that a woman can make her decision knowing all about sex , than knowing only part of it . The woman will respect the person that brought her to this enlightenment regardless , this life only exists because married women communicated with their husbands to make this happen , the names branded with this lifestyle needs to change , words are powerful and this life deserves better than gangbang . The bad propaganda of its over for white guys , makes it worse on this lifestyle .Everyone likes the finest foods , and expensive cars , but they put a price on it , our lifestyle is considered top of the line as well , a hot wife , a hot bbc are very hard to come by. A wife that loves multiple men =priceless , you cant buy it , a outgoing husband making sure his wifes every fantasy come true =priceless... you cant go buy that ... Couples will always have 3 somes , always have a personal bbc . Be proud to share your Interracial fun and fantasies , this is the only place you can be yourself .. This is not a hate site .. Be proud you love interracial sex , be proud that you are real , WE DONT JUDGE HERE , these fake emails and stuff are not called for .. DONT LET NEGATIVE TALK RUIN A PRICELESS AND FREE LIFESTYLE