Fadjer Figure

This was a song, a beautiful song, in the 80's. My man,being older than me, has always been that-a father figure-mentor, teacher, preacher- all around most stable (only, really) in my life, older,and has been through more shit than a dung beetle.We have not been able to make love in years, and personally I have been hung up in the head. I have had many black men, and enjoyed it to the point that it would always scare me-and I would back away. I feel I have played with too many people's heads, though I did not mean too- I would get scared-scared to feel too much pleasure--fear of not being too familiar with them-though my husband supports it, and encourages me. Or, "What if he gets hurt?" or "How do I do this without recompence?" I am not afraid of these things anymore- just need a beautiful bull lover, and can't get away due to funds- not right now. My husband wants to see me pleased-and I want him to want me unlike he ever has!!
Try to get some in-have to go to work in the morning. Please tell me about yourself, and may I see more of you (pics)? Hope to talk to you again soon. Just getting back into the swing of things. By the way, I am 45. I enjoyed it, and to receive a virile, thick ,black soldier into my pussy pounding me and drilling me like a jack hammer would mean more to me and my husband more than you know-but everyone is so far away.
OMG yes I need that cock stuffed into my pussy while my hubby has to watch and then know you will make him clean us off for our amusement I just don`t know if we can hook up as soon as I want,