Facebook babe I wanna lure to the darkside

Do you think I should try again?

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I agree with Bro NiggDick...not cool at all..if you have a lady who has approved or posted pics that she knows will be on BtW that's one thing..but to post an unsuspecting female..run the risk of having the site closed..suggest only ladies you know or have posted elsewere...osp25
In one way I agree but another I dont see whats so bad since a. they arent nude pics and b. they were posted on the internet to begin with. But I'm probably compromised in my opinion cuz I would love to see the contrast of black mens seed on that sexy tanned bod!
No offense, but from experience I get more of a rush getting with a woman who I've worked for than just nailin some tramp lol. Just sayin I can see where hes coming from.