Experiencing a real Black Dominant master

I have never experienced a real Master.... Though we have often dabbled into the issue of me being owned by a real dominant Black Master who would control most of my activities and my sexual life. Though with discreetness. Maybe spend weekends with him along with my hubby or alone.... serve him and his friends as he wishes.... wear what he likes in private and to some extent in public..... visit clubs with him and so on.... Is there an one who can give me a fair idea of this life.... physically take me there or chat with me for all this... make me his SLUT.... if yes do get in touch with me... I do not want a guy in a hurry who is unwilling to understand me and take me though the journey of become his SLUT...
Hello, I'm an mature, very experienced, Black Dominant who has in the recent past, trained a willing, White woman submissive/Slave and her husband, in the many ways to properly serve a Black Master! It take a fair amount of time, concern, experience, real desire to teach, train a person in proper Power Exchange. Doesn't happen overnight as some would have you believe. I have the patience if you show me a real interest in becoming my willing white Slave/Sub.!! I don't like to waste my time or yours for that matter! I'm located in So. Cali.. Where are you folks from?
That's good to know. It means we may have to develop a long distance relationship. I've had long distance sexual relationships for training purposes relating to Dominance, Submission lifstyles. Some have worked out better than others. Such is the way of life! ;)


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Angie is owned by a dominant black man (Marcus) and has been since 2012. We met him at a swinger's club though and she has been getting fucked by him since 2008. We were never into the dom/sub lifestyle before this (though we both always had some submissive tendencies). Our own experience is that Marcus guided us into this lifestyle. He has admitted to us that he enjoyed Angie so much the first few times at the swing club that it was his intention all along to end up owning her (this was all unbeknownst to us).

He didn't start having his friends fuck her until after we had known him for about two and half years. Honestly, if he had not been so patient with us I seriously doubt we would have ended up this way. We are now at a point that Angie is his property and he has done some extreme things with her (e.g., forced lesbianism - she is not bi, gangbangs, public humiliation, etc.).

Looking back at how we have changed as a couple and how we have become involved in this lifestyle over the last few years my only advice is that you should find a dominant black man who is patient. Angie and I feel very blessed that Marcus found us. I can easily imagine a much different (and not as pleasurable) situation if it had been someone not as understanding.

Have fun but be careful!
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