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    I have an experience question. I surf sites like this and all the great bulls have such wonderful pictures of their hot woman. How did you go about getting those? The few I have and are enjoying don't like the idea. Any feedback?
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    A lot of the pictures here are taken from the internet. Your best chance of a photogenic partner is either a single college age woman or a mature woman that is fucking on the side with her husband's knowledge and support. Most people want to remain discrete and very often don't want any pictures or video unless it's for their personal use. None of the women I have fucked in the last several years would consent to having pictures taken. They do consent to have my cock in them on a frequent basis so I really don't care about pictures that much. If you are going to pursue the lifestyle I think you are better off being discrete than being a photo collector.
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    Hit us up Buddy.. I have a couple of absolute Hotties that would LOVE willing BBC to show of... let You see some samples if You're interested. ..