Experience With Penis Enlargement Device- Penis Extender


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I never needed to extend my cock. Personally I think "male enhancement" products are bullshit. I have never read any independent research or testing that indicates that the stuff does anything other than lighten your wallet. But I have never needed anything like that so I haven't really taken much time to learn about it. A lot of women like oral sex so if you are short in the man meat department I would suggest acquiring some skill with your tongue. Everyone likes orgasms. we all have preferred ways of getting there but most people will go with someone that can get them off. If you can tongue a woman to multiple orgasms most aren't going to care whether you have a cock or not. One of the advantages of oral skills is that pregnancy isn't an issue. If you have a little one it is easy for most women to blow you. There are a multitude of variations in sexual contact, not everyone likes or wants the same thing. Regardless of how you do it, it you treat women decently and can curl her toes repeatedly in bed you will seldom be sleeping alone.

And despite what you might have read here or other places not every woman want's a big cock, so work on using what you have to your best advantage