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Does your wife sometimes humiliate you sexually?

  • Yes, but it turns me on

    Votes: 30 81.1%
  • Yes, I don't like it

    Votes: 3 8.1%
  • No, but I know what she's thinking

    Votes: 4 10.8%

  • Total voters


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One of the young guns stood and removed his boxers releasing a magnificently erect cock. My wife took it in her hand and began to stroke it while continuing to kiss her other lover. She then turned her attention to the massive piece of manhood she held in her hand and began to lick and suck the rigid shaft. The other stud, not to be outdone, quickly removed his briefs and to my amazement, produced an even larger hunk of ebony flesh. Both had cocks easily twice the size of mine. I couldn't wait to watch my wife take them in her wet love tunnel. She moved her mouth from one to the another, sharing her attention with both. Not bad for a fifty something hot wife, being able to bring these two young bulls to such a state of excitement. My own cock was as hard as rock and I gently rubbed it through my pants not wanting to get to excitement just yet.

"I'm going to fuck you first," she told one, "and then you." The first stud moved between her legs and slid his cock deep inside my wife's pussy. She moaned as he filled her completely and then started fucking her with quick movements. Her second lover moved around so she could continue sucking his cock and I sat and stared at this erotic scene, now with my cock in hand.

I thought her first bull was moving a little too fast and sure enough, he couldn't last. Within a minute he emptied his load into her, uttering a loud cry of pleasure. They all laughed and then the second took his place and buried himself deep inside her. My wife told him to go slowly so as not to cum too soon. He fucked her with long, deep thrusts that brought loud moans from her. She began working on her first trying to get him hard again. I knew it wouldn't take her long to have him back and within a few minutes he was fully erect again and wanting more.

Both fucked her twice filling her with their thick loads before leaving. My wife asked if I was going to finish her and I slid my cock into her slick stretched out cunt. It didn't take much to bring me off and I doubt she even felt it after being reamed by her two black bulls. She laughed as I came inside her and teased me of being immature. "You're worse than those kids that just fucked me." I smiled but felt the sting of humiliation. What did I expect after all, I was her cuckold!