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Excerpt: The Story of THADDEUS BLACK


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I've promised for months about publishing a trilogy to the SOLD collection. If you're familiar with the other books: SOLD: The Story of Caya and SOLD: The Story of Michael, then you're familiar with how well the story goes.

The Story of THADDEUS BLACK is going to continue from where The Story of Michael left off: It involves the detective taking up a case that will bring him down to Africa in search of a militant organization that is involved in white slavery trafficking and kidnapping. There's going to be plenty of action, seduction, and drama . . . and a lot of interracial submission. I'm hopping to get the work ready by this coming fall. Once that happens, another Master SHANGO novel (The Merry Wives of Master SHANGO Pt. 2) will be next.

For now, enjoy this excerpt:

* * * * *​

Their room was one floor beneath Thaddeus’s. Claire led the way, very much in high spirits holding the bottle of wine like she was the belle of a frat party. Thaddeus was aware of the wanton ‘fuck-me’ eyes she’d been giving him all evening, even as they rode the elevator. Constance noticed it too, though instead of being angry, she was just as well turned on by whatever was going to happen in the next half hour. She looked at Thaddeus and knew exactly he was thinking how much he couldn’t want to tear up this starving wife’s pussy and knew he was going to give it to her well indeed. It certainly hit her jealous button that he had the affront to want to fuck other sluts just as much he still enjoyed fucking her. Still, the thought of always seeing him in action was something to behold. Her sister Hilda still talked about the times they’d spent together, and Constance too couldn’t wait for all three of them to have another stimulating sexual encounter like they did the last time.

About the only one not looking happy with the way things were shaping was Robbie. He wasn’t hurting from his wrist any longer except for a dull throb that sort of reminded him how close he’d come to being mangled. He’d stood farther from Thaddeus when in the elevator, and now as they walked the length of the corridor toward their room, he dragged behind. He kept expecting Claire would turn her head to look for him and suddenly become concerned with the pitiful look on his face, and that then miraculously she might call out whatever further festivity was bound to happen in their room and dismiss her friends for the night so as to attend to his needs.

Not a chance of that happening. They got to their room and Claire unlocked the door and told everyone to step inside. She left Robbie to close the door when he entered. He went to the bedroom while Claire led Thaddeus and Constance into the living room. He could hear his wife’s cavorting laughter followed by the loud pop of the wine bottle as he went into the bathroom to wash his face in the sink. He took off his jacket and rolled up his shirt sleeve to let some water on the part of his arm that was still hurting him, then washed his face. His ears kept abreast of the gay laughter of his wife and their guests. He couldn’t hear much of what they were saying; from the sound of it, he knew it wasn’t something he’d like. Then he heard music being played. Robbie turned off the water and decided to go see how well the party was getting.

He came out of the bedroom and stopped in his track what he saw happening in the living room. Robbie’s hand went to his glasses, wanting to make sure he wasn’t actually seeing things, and then he gasped: “Oh God!”

Thaddeus was seated on the long sofa across from him without his jacket and with the buttons of his shirt open. Both women cradled his arms, both struggling to kiss him while they ran their hands inside his shirt. Claire by his right with Thaddeus’s arm caressing her shoulder while she rubbed her thigh against his. The sleeve of her chiffon dress was pulled downward halfway to reveal the tanned flesh that was her right breasts. What made Robbie loose his stance even further was the lascivious manner she was kissing him and grasping the crotch of his pants. Constance too was doing the same thing, though giving Claire too much room to have her way with her man. She was going to take a backseat for now till things get hot.

Robbie stood by the living room entrance, not knowing whether to come forward and return to the bathroom and wash his face. What baffled him most was standing there not knowing how to respond to what Claire was doing. He simply stood with his mouth hanging up in awe while music played from the stereo speakers.

Claire turned to look at Robbie and snapped at him. “Stop standing there looking dumb and take a seat, Robbie.”

“Yeah, white boi!” Thaddeus snapped at him, too. “Have yourself a seat and take a drink, watch what real men can do.”

Robbie still wouldn’t move. Constance left where she sat and went to him. she took his hand and led him to the sofa across from them. She filled a glass with Chardonnay wine and gave it to him. Robbie accepted it without question.

“Sit here and watch my master work,” she said to him before returning to Thaddeus’s left arm.

Claire sat up and her hands were now working Thaddeus’s pants zipper. Her hand stole inside and out came the blackest piece of human machine her eyes had ever seen. Claire’s mouth fell open and her eyes appeared to swell. Robbie too muttered another gasp at the sight of the black man’s cock. It was thick and sturdy, looked a lot like Claire’s black dildo. Robbie’s hand unconsciously went to grab his own crotch, felt his prick shrink like a stub between his balls.

Claire stroked Thaddeus’s prick, her eyes glared with amazement at the sight of it, thinking there was no way such specimen of a prick was real. She turned to look at Robbie and saw the same amazed look in his eyes as well.

“Honey, what would you think of this?” she said to him.

Robbie had nothing to say to that. He’d seen his own fair share of porn movies and always assumed those men’s pricks were stuff of surgery. Here he was seeing the real thing, and coming from a black man.

“You like what you see, Claire?” Constance asked her. He too was just as happy seeing the surprised look on her face. It was the same look she reckoned most other women who’d sampled Thaddeus’s cock was prone to have. “Go ahead and taste it. see if it’s real.”

“I was just thinking of that,” Claire murmured.

She lowered her head toward Thaddeus’s swollen prick and inhaled the musky scent of his cock seconds before her lips made contact with its head. Thaddeus pressed his hand on her head and Claire nearly choked and gasped when the tip of his prick brushed against the back of her throat. Robbie was aghast to see how much fun she was having. This wasn’t the Claire he’d always known. Some evil spirit had come from nowhere and assumed control of his wife and here he sat unable to stop her actions.

Go here for the rest: http://damiendsoul.blogspot.com/2013/08/excerpt-story-of-thaddeus-black.html