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Ex cuckold seeking woman for female led marriage.

Hello I was married 15 years when my wife caught me wanking to femdom/ cuckold porn. She noticed a lot of the men were sissified/ feminized and wore cages. When her anger , so I thought passed, we had a long talk about my fetishes. We went to a sex therapist and she explained inadequate males desire female domination, discipline, and long term chastity. She told her about female led relationships. She got her an flr marriage document, which we filled out, she witnessed it got it notarized and they picked out my cage. She had also suggested hypnosis therapy to cure my fetishes and help my transition to becoming the wife.
I found later after She had thrown my men's cloths out, made me watch non-stop gay porn with hung black men and white sissy boys. Movies where the white woman left with the black man after he made her husband beg to swallow his seed. She was hypnotizing me to worship big black penis. To crave sucking off blacks and to just submit. The worse part was her training me to be sick and turned off by boobs and vagina. I became limp with my wife, useless, and sick to my stomach.
Yet show me a black dick and I was rock hard dripping precum ( which I always taste)
Of course my wife noticed, took me to the therapist where they loudly wondered if maybe I was gay not just a wimp. The therapist asked if was taking the pills she prescribed, when I said yes she gave wife a New stronger prescription. I later found they had been giving me estrogen and birth control. I had boobs and was wearing skirts had submitted to superior black me. I found I loved it at first suck. As ropes of black cum shot out my nose hit the back of my throat while leaking down my chin over my boobs. He scooped it up and feed me every drop.which I greedily swalloed. I wish his seed in my butt could knock me up. When he heard me say that he dumped me.
I want to spend my money on another lady. I want a full time female led marriage. I will cook clean pay build, shower her with gifts. Like her as demanded. I will never dress as demanded. I will always obey never expect sex wear my penis shrinking cage. I will make sure my wife gets the real man she deserves, not my half inch baby dick. I will raise her black children for her
I do like sucking on her wet panties if she allows it. If they have thick ropes of cum even better. Please contact me. I want to be humiliated and insulted made to debase myself.
I would also be willing to wear sultry outfits and be used by black studs. If a well hung black man makes me worship his penis I will wear a white wedding dress and be his white boi .
Good I love black penis! I am in western Massachusetts you know any glory wholes? Or places where us inferior baby dicks can met black dudes looking to degrade white businessmen?