Ever masturbated to pic of a white female friend while imagining she is having sex with a black man?

Have you ever masturbated to a picture of a white female friend or co worker?

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  • Lol. Yes, i have done this many times. I like doing it.

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A few years ago i saw a video of a white man masturbating to a picture of a white female co worker. In the video he talks while he is masturbating and he starts of by saying "You did not think that a white guy would be jacking off to your photo fantasizing about you getting black cock".

As he is masturbating he starts talking about how hot she is and how hot she would look with a black cock inside of her. In the video he refers to her as an "Office slut" that should suck black cock.

The video is not long, it's only about 5 minutes long. Near to the end of the video he rubs his erect white cock faster and faster and then ejaculates all over the picture of his white female co worker.

I think the video is hot. It's an amateur video, the video is basically shot from a POV angle so you can clearly see his penis and the picture of his blonde co worker. I sometimes wonder how many white men :qos:do this.
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i don`t masturbate.
at all!
to pictures of female friends.
or coworkers.

i masturbate to the thought of my girlfriend.
having sex.
with one or more black men.
and sometimes to "ir" porn.
sometimes at her presence.
and she likes it that way!
and sometimes joins in.
yet sometimes the two of us simply f?!* to that thought.
or while watching "ir" porn.
but more often i just eat her pu$$y well.
til she cums.

i am so in L:blackheart:VE with my lady - she is simply fabulous!


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Yes, i jerked off 3 times a day to photos of my ex when she left me for a Latin guy. I would pull out x-rated pics of her and imagine the great times they were having, fun, dinners and the primal sex she was having with him. I was devastated and heartbroken when she left me and for those 12 months, it was the only sex I had.
I masturbate over photos of my 22 year old cousin, who is cute and blonde. She is always posting photos of herself on Instagram with hot Black guys at college.

At a recent pool party at my uncle's house, I jerked while watching her play water polo in the tiniest bikini imaginable.