Ever do this? an akward moment

You've just spent the last 30 minutes servicing your bulls giant black cock with your mouth. You would contiinue as long as he wanted because we love sucking cock. This black god has a cock that is huge and heavy. So heavy that when your on your hands and knees begging him to bury that pole inside of you, he will need to lift it up to put it at the entry point, ass or pussy, either one.
Without really thinking I reach back with one hand to spread myself open so he can pick a hole and get it in easier. Since your on your hands and knees, and you need to support yourself, I always lean one way for balance. Now if this stud has his cock in his right hand and you reach back to spread with your right hand you always lean to the left. and this makes it harder for your bull to get inside of you. I don't have any suggestions on how to avoid this akward moment and your probably thinking I've spent to much time on this but next time your gettin it from behind like we all love to do. you will think about it and know i'm right. Its always nice to have two hands to spread and offer your holes to your black god.