European Women Black Men

Depends on the country. In England (or in general throughout the UK) women are more openminded. If you walk through a center of a town or city you will a few BM WF couples. Other types of interracial couples are exceptions. The same goes with Holland, Sweden and France, as far as I was informed. However, this is not the case in central of south Europe. I have many friends in many other countries, eg. Ukrain, Moldova, Belarus, Slavic countries in general, also Greece, Italy, Spain. In these countries girls are not attracted to blacks.

All in all, most european women are not attracted to blacks, in general.
Well, in Ukraine they dont have many black guys. They simply dont have any choose. But in Western part of Europe they like to explore them. I also know some ukranian girls who just love black guys. In Moscow ( if u consider russian girls as europeans) girls are very attached to black men. Also, their are many guys who like black girls.