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Erotic Hypnosis

I am a submissive. I have been years. Despite my senior management positions, I always submit to women. This part of my life was well established and successful. I was happy.

However, as I grew older my ability to please my girlfriend (when she let me) became less and less. I was suffering occasional erectile dysfunction and even when I wasn’t I came very quickly. My girlfriend was always pleased to let me go down on her, but became increasingly frustrated when I tried to please her with my cock. After a while she started having lovers. Her Dom side came out more and more. She took out her frustration on me. A slapped face, a sharp word or humiliating me in front of her friends. She made it clear that she wanted to stay with me but only if she could have other men when she wanted, only if I would submit. My choice was to leave or to accept and I became a cuckold.

So far these are the acts of a submissive man who is losing his virility. It was when my girlfriend started joining cuckolding groups and reading stories that she fantasised about taking a Black lover and so there I was living the life of the archetypical interracial cuckold. Here is where the problem started.

In short, she wanted to watch me suck her lover’s cock. I wanted to please her, but each time I tried, my social conditioning as a heterosexual made me baulk. I couldn’t take another man’s cock in my mouth, even though I wanted to in order to please her and her Dom.

I went looking for a hypnotist to help me and I discovered erotic hypnosis and I found Queen Cleopatra, the hypno-therapist. I asked Queen Cleopatra to assist me with my small problem. I wanted her to use her erotic hypnosis skills to help me change an old subconscious behaviour that was blocking my conscious desires. I am so pleased with the result, that I wanted to write.

So, Cleopatra helped me. She talked to me about my problem and she discussed the issue sympathetically. Then, she hypnotised me and tried to relieve the matter.

Afterwards I felt different, but couldn’t say why.

It took me a week to find a hung Black Man who would indulge me and agreed to let me go down on him.

I went to his house. He was waiting, naked. I didn’t feel that old reluctance. I followed him to his bedroom and without thinking, I stripped off. I knelt between his legs, amazed that I felt so relaxed. I begged to be allowed to suck him and he said yes.

Over the next 30 minutes I found that my previous anxieties were gone. I had a few gagging issues, but as he is Dom and I am sub, I was not in a position to complain.

Afterwards I thanked him, then I rushed home to e-mail my thanks to Queen Cleopatra. My girlfriend is happier. Her Master is happier and so I am happier.

I am so, so grateful. I will go back. Here is the link www.queencleopatra.co.uk