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I enjoy not just watching my lovely wife get fucked by black men but watching her make love to them with such passion. It drives me crazy to the point of me losing control and cumming with out even touching my cock. Seeing her passionately kiss and caress him as if he was the only man left in the world while slowly taking him inside her till he cums deep inside her pussy. It makes me so happy to see her get sexually pleased like that knowing I have never been able to do that to her myself except when I eat her pussy and bring her to orgasm. I have never in the 29 years we have been together love her as much as I do now. Love you dear :lips:


This is pretty damned hot, made hotter of course because it's clear just how sexy, how truly sensational your wife is. You two have an amazing thing that seems to work for you. While I don't have those kinds of feelings of sexual inadequacy there are nonetheless things I would like to try with my wife......for her to do, and for me to see. To know.

The idea of my getting off that way -- as a spectator to MY WIFE getting off with another guy -- I don't know why it's such a turn-on now. But it is.

And by the way, you should be very proud of your oral skills. I know I am. I'm sure it brings your woman (and YOU, for goodness sakes!!!) great joy and satisfaction, and plenty of men don't measure up in that department....or even try to.
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