Embarrassing and fun Ways to make your husband Masturbate

Embarrassing and fun Ways to make your husband Masturbate

The strength and force which you can exert to arouse sexual desire in your husband is your erotic power. It is your capacity to exercise control over your husband through his sexual desire for you. It is your femininity unleashed against boredom and familiarity in marriage. Let’s face it lady’s you need to have your submissive husbands jerk off to keep him under control and happy. After a while it becomes more like a job then a fun game. To keep your husband happy and serving you, it’s important for you to find time and force him to masturbate for you. To make it easy on myself, I created a list of kinky ways to have him perform for me. I find a few minutes once or twice a day to have him perform one of the items on my list. Don’t worry if his humiliation doesn't always turn you on. You can still get your pleasure from having him please you, and you him.

1. The husband must eat his own cum. To my mind, this is a basic requirement. Not only is it very humiliating for most men, performing such an act immediately after coming, when desire and therefore submissiveness is at its lowest level, is difficult for many. Guiding his head to your sex is the best way to start. He process the act as tasting you, not sperm. Drinking it from a cupped hand and licking the hand clean is the next simplest method, but squirting into a shot glass, drink, or cup of coffee can also be fun.

2. Submissive men love to smell their wife’s dirty panties. The scent of a woman is powerful for the submissive man. Have your husband place his nose in your vagina, or in your dirty panties, and tell him to masturbate. This step should be repeated over and over again, 1-3 times each day in the beginning of his training, until his brain relates you’re sent to his masturbating. Then when you leave him panties he will get hard just at the site of them. Most men, and all submissive men, have already been jerking off in their wife’s panties already.

3. The man must masturbate lying on his back, with his legs raised and down over his head (yoga "plow" position) so the tip of his cock is as close to his face as possible. (Extra points if he can suck his own cock!) He must come all over his face. Place a towel under his head to take care of misses. This is a good starting point to have him eat his own cum.

4. Take a plastic sandwich bag and put some lube in it and rubber band it behind his balls. Then relax on the couch and have him fuck the couch cushion. This is very humiliating for him and fun for you with no effort.

5. Tease him often. Send him naked pictures of your sex, breasts or ass. Tell him to think of your body and masturbate. Keep his mind going at all times. You need to work out his mind and body each day. When you get to the point your thinking of adding a man to the mix, send him pictures of guys that you think are hot and tell him to masturbate thinking about you with them. If he gets hard, he is ready for it.

6. Have him (or both of you) go into a sex shop and buy sex toys for him. Make sure he asks the sales person for help. If you are with him tell the sales person things like “I’m looking for a rubber pussy for my husband to masturbate with”, “Can you recommend a blow up toy for my husband?”, “What’s a good way to explore his prostrate?”, “Do you have panties in his size?”

7. Have him squirt all over his meal before eating it.

8. Play dress up. This might be as simple as having him masturbate wearing girl panties or negligee. Even if this is not your “thing” you should dress him up on occasions and have him serve (service) you. All submissive men crave some degree of crossdressing. The web is full of clothing for men to dress as women for a reason. Google “Sissy Panties for Men” and view some of the sites with him. Bring up all the crossdressing options (panties, full maids outfit, etc.). Ask him what he thinks and don’t listen to what he says look at his penis reaction, the penis never lies. If he is hard, dress him up, he needs it. The real fun is taking him shopping, or you can always order online.

9. Have your husband masturbate to porn, yes I said porn. The catch is make it “cuckold” porn. Images of men watching their wife’s having sex with younger men then cleaning up after her stud has left. In time move his porn to “bi cuckold” porn. Bisexual Sissy Training porn is where the husband and his wife service the wife’s sex stud.

10. Have him masturbate while lying on his back in the bathtub. When he cums, he squirts all over the front of his body. You then rinses it off him . . . with a golden shower. The husband lies in the nectar until he squirts again for thoughtful wife. TRY THIS ONCE before you rule out pee play. A woman who pees on her man is in charge.

11. it’s humiliating to have to masturbate for her sexual satisfaction, particularly if you must put on a show. It's also humiliating for a "straight" man to have something up his ass. Your husbands prostrate is like your G spot. When your husband cum’s with his prostrate pressed, it’s like somebody is holding the orgasm button on. This is why so many straight men enjoy strap on play or even gay sex. If you don’t want to deal with his ass, then use masturbation as the tool to stimulate his prostrate. Have him insert a prostrate toy and masturbate for you. This is both humiliating and exciting for him at the same time.

12. If the wife enjoys strap on fun then she can fuck him while he jerks off. He will have a very intense orgasm

13. In today’s world you have facetime and texting. Use this to keep control of him when you are not with him. If you can facetime, then surprise him with an out of the blue masturbation session. This is a good way to make sure he is following your instructions and still eating his cum when you are not there. If your too busy, the send him a text and tell his to masturbate and send you a pic or short video of him completing his task and eating his mess.

14. Panties, panties, panties. Girls have them, men want to jerk off in them. Have your husband masturbate into a pair of your dirty panties then where them for the rest of the day. For those women who like to see their husband in panties then get him into them full time. It’s very controlling for him when your wife makes you ware panties. Every time he pee’s he thinks of you.

15. For men, masturbation is a humiliating way to be forced to get sexual satisfaction. Even more so if others are watching. So increase the humiliation by inviting several woman friends over to observe the fun. If they're not really into the Scene -- but can be trusted to keep their mouths shut -- even better. If you don’t have any trusted friends, take him to swinger clubs and you can always find another lady (or guy) to help you out. Bonus points if he eats his cum in front of others. To make the humiliation even greater, make the audience a mixed male and female. With a little coaching, they can jeer at him, commenting on his useless cock, nonexistent manhood, and generally pitiful situation. It will then make all the single guys at the club desire to get to know you.

16. Make him masturbate in public places when he least expects it. If you’re out to dinner hand him your panties and tell his to go jerk off in the men’s room. Send him outside naked to jerk off. Slide next to him in a booth at a restaurant and tell him to take out his penis and jerk off under his napkin and cum in it, then have him use the napkin the rest of the meal to wipe his face. At the movies, put your hand in his lap, then move his hand to his dick, whisper in his ear how hot this is and make him do it (popcorn butter!).

17. Take him out for a ride in the car, you drive. When you get to the car have him strip naked and hand him a pair of pink panties and leave all his clothes at home. The first stop is a drive through where you order a drink with him just in the panties. When you pay and leave, tell him to get naked, hand you the panties and jerk. When the cum is all gone, he can ask for the pink panties back, but if he spills a drop you will leave him a few blocks away in only the panties!

18. Masturbation in another man’s presence is an excellent way for her husband to be interacting with another man. If A wife can get two (or more) males to "put on a show" for her by stroking and sucking each other she will be very happy. There's *NOTHING* more humiliating for a fully heterosexual man than to be turned into a cocksucker for the amusement of his Wife and therefore no more powerful way for a straight submissive male to prove his obedience and submission to his wife. To start, make them jerk off while facing and watching each other.

19. Find a tranny, crossdresser, or take him to a gay club or spa and let the guys know that he is a straight guy looking to play with cock for his wife. Tell him if he wants to stay a “virgin” he better find a nice guy to stroke / suck for you. Almost all the wife’s I work with say “My husband would never …”, and all of them report back that he did and they were extremely turned on by it.

20. If they wife finds another couple with a submissive husband, once they’ve become a little more comfortable masturbating in each other’s presence the men must masturbate one another at the same time for the two women. Each catches his own cum in his free hand and eats it. Or, if both are safe, each must eat the others cum. You will find that most of the couples at swingers clubs with extra “single male” guests have a submissive husband, they are there to find and “extra” dick. Chat up the wife’s and let them know that your husband is a cuckold. If both wife’s connect then the 2 couples move to a room and the men soon learn that they are not there for “wife swapping” but they are there for wife entertainment.

21. Have your husband masturbate wearing an unlubricated condom. When he's come, he must carefully remove it, not spilling a single drop and waits with his head back and his mouth open. You turn the condom inside out, emptying the contents into his mouth. You can then decide to drop the rubber into his mouth and he must suck on his "cum-gum" until all his spending is recycled.

22. Previously, the husband has saved his cum in an ice cube tray. (For a full-sized cube, several orgasms would be needed.) You has him suck on the cum cube while he masturbates, he must prove to her with open mouth that the cube is completely gone before he is allowed to climax.

23. Being allowed to lick his cum off his wife’s body is such a treat that it makes the task of consuming it almost pleasant. For maximum humiliation, you can require him to squirt directly into the depression of her asshole as she holds her cheeks apart. Then he must lick up every elusive drop.

24. Once he's gotten his cock hard, have him the coat it with a mentholated gel or "deep heat" muscle rub. Once the rub is on, he must put on a condom and continue masturbating. Experiment to find out which varieties the slave can handle and in what quantity. If his cock is too tough for the rub to burn enough, try his worthless balls!

25. If you are cuckolding him, increase the humiliation is for you to be pleasured by another man while forcing him to masturbate. Depending on their personal sex-with-others limits, you can satisfyingly -- and loudly! -- get serviced by another man, or receive oral worship from a man while he masturbates.

26. Take him (or send him) to a video/novelty store with a glory hole. Then let him know exactly how many dicks he must service (hand or mouth your choice) before he is allowed to stick his dick through the hole and get serviced. If you see one you like you can always suck with him!

27. Have him hump your leg like a dog until he orgasms. If you want to make it more submissive then leave you’re your panties on, lay on your tummy and have him hump between your legs while you tell him stories of the men you have had sex with.

28. Surprise him -- wake him up in the middle of the night to masturbate for you. Straddle you naked pussy over his face and when the scent hits him he will get hard. Then take your hand and stroke his cock for a bit, then move his hand to finish the job.

29. Have your husband come all over a dildo. Then he must lick it clean, just as if he were cleaning a real cock.

30. Take your husband out for a nature walk. When you have him alone strip him naked but his shoes and walk him. At some point fine a nice tree and tell him to go cum on it.

31. You rolls three dice. Your husband must come before that number of minutes (3 - 18) or be punished. Important to follow through on the punishment whatever you chose.

32. Adult diapers humiliation has many options. You can make him where them all day and force him to relive himself in them like a baby. If you put them on him and he is “hard”, take a vibrator and make him cum in the diapers and leave them on him. This is not my thing, but I have tried it a few times and did have fun with it.

33. Have him lay across your lap and make him rub him cock between your thighs as you spank him. When he leaks pre cum have him lick it up and spank him again until he cums.

34. Make him masturbate while wearing a humbler. A humbler is a physical restraint device used to restrict the movement of a submissive male penis. The humbler consists of a testicle cuff device that clamps around the base of the scrotum, mounted in the center of a bar that passes behind the thighs at the base of the buttocks. This forces the wearer to keep his legs folded forward, as any attempt to straighten the legs even slightly pulls hard on the scrotum, causing considerable discomfort.

35. Tie him up or handcuff him with his hands over his head then go get the Peanut butter. Cover his penis with the peanut butter and then just call the dog.

36. Ice Cubes are great if you want to slow things down or punish him. When you think he is close to an orgasm, ice him down.

37. Towel Pussy. You’ll need: A hand towel, a latex glove, elastic bands or belts. Fold a hand (small) towel into quarters. Place the latex glove on the towel, with the cuff hanging off one side. Roll the towel around the glove. This will take practice, as too tight a towel will result in difficult and frustrating penetration. Conversely, if the towel is too loose, there is no friction. Try rolling it several times to find a good fit. When the preferred tightness is achieved, secure the towel with rubber bands or a belt, to prevent it unfurling. Peel back the glove cuff so it covers the towel edge. Place extra belts or rubber bands along the length of the towel to create tension.

38. Have your husband remove the cardboard tube from the center of a toilet paper roll. Then insert a condom inside the paper and stretch the condom over the roll to secure (creating a fuckable center). Then add lube and place between the couch cushions and then have him hump the couch and cum in the condom.

39. Cucumber Pussy. You’ll need: Room temperature cucumber, sharp knife, duct tape, rubber bands. Optional: Condom. Cut one end from the cucumber. Cut the cucumber in half lengthways. Open the cucumber up and remove seeds from both sides. Once the seeds have been removed, take out small amounts of cucumber flesh until both sides fit snugly around the penis. Once the preferred tightness is found, secure with rubber bands to keep the desired tension. Wrap the cucumber with insulation tape or Duct tape. At this point the user is able to accommodate any tightness preferences. If preferred, a condom can be placed inside the cucumber. To do this insert the condom before duct-taping the halves back together. Stretch the condom rim over the cucumber edges and fold back. Even though the cucumber will feel wet, lube is important as it will not remain wet for long.

40. Take a melon and cut a small hole in the end. Then cut away some of the hard shell leaving an area large enough for his to insert his penis. Then have his fuck the melon, and of course when he is done he needs to cut it up and eat it.

41. Once you have him under control you can use masturbation as a tool for him to lose weight or improve his health. Give him a target weight and a plan on how long he has to reach it. If his weight moves down, he gets to masturbate for you, if it moves up he has no orgasm. Check his balls, if they are not getting bigger, then he is cheating and you will need to lock him up in a Chasity device until his weight moves down. If it is over a week, then “milk” him with the device on by using a prostrate toy. If he knows you are committed, his weight will go down.

42 Watching you masturbate is a fun way for him to masturbate. Put on a show and let your mind go.

43. Stick a tampon up his butt before your start masturbating. Just before he cums, stop and pull the string of the tampon really fast.

44. Bobby Socks. Take a soft ankle-high sock and put it over his hard cock. Lay his socked-cock on a nice firm pillow, grab another to support your chest, and hump away. If you want to help it feels great to have his balls gently from behind as you pump the pillow.

45. Have your husband print out a picture of you to masturbate on. Then have him send you a before and after picture after he cums.

46. If you want to get a bit twisted, get a pair of his mother’s silk panties, lay them down on a soft blanket bunched up into a hump. Then, tell him to pretend he is having sex with the girl he is thinking about. You may need to hold them so his dick stays on the silk.

47. A latex glove can bring “silky” fucking to the brink of explosion. Apply a coat of petroleum balm or Vaseline® to the inside of a glove (latex or Playtex® brand). Sprinkle baby powder into the glove. Close the opening to the glove and shake it to spread the baby powder over the petroleum. Have him fuck the glove by sliding it up and down over his penis. The motion feels like you could be fucking a mouth or pussy – so exquisite, and luxuriously smooth.

48. I like to spank him while he jacks off. The best way is to lube your thighs and place him over your lap with his penis between your lubed legs. Tell him to hump and when the mood strikes you, spank him. Or you can tell him how bad he has been and makes him take off his pants and underwear and lie on the bed. Spank him till he is good and red. Then make a bit of fun of his hard on and have him masturbate.

49. Masturbation Tutor technique actually involves swallowing his own cum. The technique includes a simple funnel contraption to catch the sperm. Take a small funnel and attach a piece of clear tubing to the end. Have him lie on his back and stroke my manhood and just as he begins to cum squirt it down the funnel. I place the tube end in his mouth. Hold the tubing in his mouth and let the cum drain onto his tongue and savor the flavor and then swallow the load.

50. Get a Cup and balloon. Take a balloon, fill it up most of the way with water. Then place the balloon in the big cup and make sure it's a tight fit. Rub his dick with lube (vegetable oil) and shove his cock in the balloon.

51. Banana Trick, take a long banana (with a thick skin), cut only the tip, and press out the meat of the banana. Insert his dick carefully (if possible when it is still small) and jack off.

52. Take a condom and put lotion in it, and I put it over penis. Then pump.

53. This is a way to achieve a very strong and very long orgasm: 1. Completely remove all hairs from penis, balls and surrounding area. 2. Lying on back, lubricate the penis and pubic area and start stroking using your non-writing hand. He could put in a butt-plug but it's not obligatory. Do not hurry. The erection will come slowly but will be much harder. 3. Once he gets a full erection, take the balls with the palm of his writing hand and press them back towards the anus as far as they can go. This will fully retract and stretch the skin from the shaft. 4. Holding the balls, have him start massaging his prostate with the fingers of the same hand. Simultaneously press the penis with the other hand toward the pubic bone and massage it with circular movements, keeping your palm flat. 5. When he gets close to orgasm, keep on massaging, slightly release the pressure on the penis and start pressing and massaging with your fingers on the lower part of the shaft near the balls. Don't loosen the balls and keep the skin as stretched as possible (with no pain of course). 6. Tell him to control himself and do not ejaculate. If he is about to cum, tell him to stop the massage, slightly loosen balls and hardly and quickly press and release the prostate 2 to 3 times, which will prevent ejaculation. Then repeat everything. Keep his penis well lubricated.

54. Nerf turf. Cut a slit into the end of a Nerf football. I just stick a condom on, lube it up real well, and I start pumping the football.

55. Water wings. Go buy a pair of kids' water wings, the kind they use when they are swimming. Blow them up and use some Vaseline, and presto, you have the best artificial pussy you can find!

56. Wonder bread, take half a loaf of bread, making a hole just the diameter of his penis and putting a plastic bag inside the hole and then wrapping it round the half-loaf.

57. If you have an outdoor spa. Fill the spa up with water and then turn the jets. Then place his butt up against one of the jets and aim another jet at his dick.

58. Butter. Get a tub of butter or margarine. Place sealed tub in bowl of warm water for five minutes. The outer most part of the butter should have melted. Get a rubber (unless you like jism-flavored butter!), place it on his penis, hollow out a penis-sized hole in the butter, insert erect penis and start boning that hot sexy bitch! For extra pleasure insert a peanut into the opening at the hole near the top!

59. Beach balling is using a medium sized beach ball inserted down between two pairs of underwear worn backwards. Then take a small air pump used for fish aquariums and use about a 6-foot length of air hose and attach the hose to the valve of the beach ball. Slowly hump the beach ball till massive orgasm!

60. French roll. Open up the French roll then add any type of lubricant you can think of! Fold the roll around your cock and hump away. Use any lubricants including ketchup and olive oil.

61. Get an orange (or any other soft fruit) and cut a hole in it smaller than the size of his cock. You can cut a hole all the way through or almost all the way through. Experiment with it. Next, get a sandwich bag and put the orange a little ways in it (the area with the hole facing towards you.) Set the plastic bag with the orange in it between two mattresses. Push down on the mattress a little bit so it don't move and start pumping away. The bag is so all the juices don't get all over the mattress.

62. Ball constrictor. Take those big, fat rubber bands and strap them from the base of his balls, to where his dick meets your torso. This constricts the blood and makes the orgasm more sensual.

63. Rubber bands. Get a thick one and wrap it around his balls then take one loop and wrap around his cock. It holds the foreskin back and gives such rock-solid hard-ons.

64. If you’re in a hotel send him out to the balcony at night, completely naked.

65. Hot water bottle. Take a rubber hot water bottle and fill it with just enough warm water to keep it soft and comfy. Lay it on a towel on the bed and put some non-oil-based lube on the bottle. Lay on top of the rubber bottle with your hard dick pointed straight up towards your belly button. Now he can rub around or hump the bottle. Make sure you get a hot water bottle that is nice and soft, smooth and big enough to handle his manhood.

66. Stuffed animals. Cut a hole in it about the size of his rod and go to town on it.

67. Take a 64 fl. oz. Gatorade bottle. When his dick is limp, stuff it in the bottle with lots of lubrication. Cut a small hole in the top of the bottle. When pushing down the bottle, release the hole. Cover the hole with your finger and pull up to the tip of your erect dick. Repeat.

68. Vacuum cleaner. To do it, you have to take out the pole thing and suck his cock up in the nozzle. You can move it around till you blow in the hose. Another way is to take the hose out and fuck the hole. Great suction.

69. The bidet way. Straddle it, adjust the temperature of the jet to suit, and play the stream of warm water on your perineum – (the space between your anus and your testicles). Slide slowly back and forth, allowing the water to play alternately on your penis, your testicles, and your anus. Have a towel handy: reach down, spread your cheeks and allow the jet to penetrate your rectum.

70. Obtain a large beefsteak tomato. Core out the center to maybe 1/4 inch less your erect diameter. Microwave on 'Reheat' setting...approximately 35 seconds. Remove and let cool then have him fuck it.


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I already have done: 3 - 4 - 10 - 12 - 42 - 48. Loved it
Realy like 16 ! Going to tell my wife about this this idea giving me her (wet) panty and let me going to the men's room .... someday..
22 but little varied. A few cuckolds lick their saved cum in an ice cube tray, while wifes and black dudes fuck. Maybe some black man add his load to give more flavour for cuckyboys.


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Wow what a list. I thought it was bad enough the time I was locked outside the motel room naked and had to jerk off and cum in the hallway before I was allowed back in.