Embarrasing, isn't it?

Honestly, isn't it imbarrasing to see white guys trying to satisfy women sexually? Not only does black on white sexing seem proper and right, but I'm at the point that seeing pics and movies of white men trying to have sex with women kind of like bad science fiction. It's just not believable anymore, and frankly pathetic to watch. Providing some type of sexual service is one thing, but then notion of white men being scene as sexual equals is just being in denial.
I think thats where (if we're lucky) we can be of service. I've had converstations with a couple of my white friends that are women, leading them to understand that most white guys are now totally accepting of black men and white women. As white men we can assist in further knocking down barriers to the proper black sexing of white women.
I always feel more comfortable sexually when I can freely admit that I am not the sexual equal of black men. There's no hostility, no anger, no fear. Just a accptance of proper roles, and the desire to be of valued service. I will also admit it is comforting to be in the presence of others who can accept this truth.
Well, as we had already had a couple of drinks, one of my friends was accepting of my statement on how many white men now look at black/white lovers. She didn't make a big deal of it, but she nodded, and we both made a couple of witty comments about interracial porn. She did not dispute my statement, and as we continued to talk about the dating scene, it became obvious that Black/White was something she had already considered (duh). My hope was to help her understand that many now see it as proper and right, and I think she liked hearing that, especially from a white guy.

The other friend (different converstation) was less responsive, but we've gone out (not dating) with groups of others, including black men. I would make sure they were included in our conversations, and always deferred to them, even going to get us drinks at the bar. For her it's a longer work in progress, but in the end, if exposed more to the sexual presence of strong black men, is there any other way it can end but for her to eventually see the truth and submit to black sexing?