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    Hey everybody. I am Ella, the original founder of GetHerBlacked in all its various interation, which are all closed down for financial reasons.

    I'm 26, black exclusive when it comes to guys. While I have LOTS of white male friends, I don't fuck any, and I am not interested in a cuck relationship, but if you want to be friends, that is great.

    I've had a lot of experiences and have written a lot about them. In fact, I am even the author of a couple guides that I have noticed on this site, about getting your wife/gf to go black, and about getting your white hubby/bf to accept you going black. (These guides where posted on my GetHerBlacked sites when I had them up and running, and I did authorize anyone to copy and paste on other sites).

    I'll upload some photos later on.

    Love, Ella
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  2. Timmytootime

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    sounds awesome...
  3. superdick33

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    miss that site i met some ladies on there:D
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    I too developed some friendships with ladies on there. So nearly at the cuckold relationship I so desire with a lovely lady.