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E Rutherford, New Jersey No Holds Barred Swingers Party Couples wanted


Real Person
Another Poke Her Cub Party

This Party is For Couples & Single woman who Live in the North NJ & NYC Area

Last year we had a BLAST.......After so many emails asking WHEN IS OUR NEXT PARTY
I am back to Present to you Our first BANG of the year!

Last party Back in 2012 we had 19 couples , 7 single females & 14 single men show up and we had a excellent party

We want that same amount or more this time
Everyone will be screened to attend this party so if you don't have a phone number that you can provide don't even respond to this posting you are just wasting everyone's time we will be screening

PRICE: Single Females FREE - Couples $40
The price is to cover expenses which include Venue, mixers hot/cold food, FUN & MORE!
***We will provide everything besides towels & condoms***

• 3 feet rule. Give a couple a minimum 3 feet of space while you watch.
• No aggressive behavior or stalking.
• Chasing her will not make her say yes. Grabbing her will get you kicked out.
• Aggressive behavior gets you black listed.
• Condoms will be worn at ALL times.
• No sex in the bathrooms and please shower between each encounter.
• No Bi-sexual Men, No Bi-Curious Men, No Gay Men
• Please dispose of your condoms in a trash bin.
• No admittance after 1 am unless you let us know you’re running late. After 12 AM here are some photos from past parties we held over the last 2 years 1_17.jpg 1_26.jpg 1_31.jpg 1_34.jpg 1_35.jpg 1_53.jpg 1_87.jpg 03 (2).jpg 3 (2).jpg 03 (3).jpg 4 (2).jpg 04.jpg 4.jpg 05 (1).jpg 1 (1)r.jpg 1(2)r.jpg 1c448048-a154-4c88-86f2-f16af72748f7.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 3b3e055c-9bfc-4fc7-9545-46fcbc50c425.jpg 04.jpg 5abf14bc-62d1-4623-b553-165f781bf040.jpg 7.jpg 08.jpg 8.jpg 09.jpg 10 (1).jpg 10.jpg 12 (1).jpg 13 (1).jpg

1_17.jpg 1_26.jpg 1_31.jpg 1_34.jpg 1_35.jpg 1_53.jpg 1_87.jpg 03 (2).jpg 3 (2).jpg 03 (3).jpg 4 (2).jpg 04.jpg 4.jpg 05 (1).jpg am the doors will be locked!!!!