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Dreaming of seeing her a hot wife

I'm 50+, so is my Asian wife. She looks stunning and most other friends think she is 40 or so.
We re married for 30 years and have grown son. I was travelling on the job all over the world, and now I'm back home for good. Sex was good but rare for both of us. I suspect as good as me my wife had some fun at times, no problem with that. Generally she is more on the conservative side, and I'm the lead in bed and life in general. I was dreaming of seeing her with another men, having fun and deep penetration with cum in her. She loves to be played with a dildo, but she never opened up for the conversation of more than that. I would really appreciate some advice as how to go forward with my wish and dreams. I'm ready to be at her will and be a cuck, as long as boundaries are set and everything is safe. We plan an island vacation this year, and I truly hope to somehow find a younger stud for her, but I'm not ssure as how to approach this without her wishing the same. Any replies thanks in advance.