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Down for just about whatever...

Long story short. The last chick I dated I came out to her about seeing her with a black man. She didn't agree at all and didn't wanna try so that's whatever. BUT she being a great gf satisfied my fantasies the best way she could, thru role playing or exciting in my twisted sexual fantasy mind I was living it. Hearing about her at work getting slayed by a BBC that felt so much nicer than I ever could do. Which really is the main reason a BBC and a white chick turn me on. Y'all black dudes can slay pussy. So another quick side note. I have a sock/tights/knee highs/ stockings fetish. Which can and was GREATLY incorporated with our scenarios and role play. Now onto business. And I never thought the scenarios would get this far but it got to the freaky point of me eating out a cream pie from her. To licking cum off her feet. Etcetera etcetera. Obviously now. That will never happen between her and I. If there is a Couple out there or a black man or white woman that can somehow help fulfill my deepest darkest fantasies. It would be greatly appreciated. And that's not under the wire code for money will be involved. But I have gone multiple times as far as having old pantyhose from my ex. Drizzling Boston cream pie yogurt 'pun intended' on the crotch of the pantyhose and licking it all off. Feel free to comment on this or message me if you are interested. As long as there is s black male and white woman involved. Shoot me a message... Please ;)