Double Cream Pie


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Last night we met a man with a Sybian (?) in his hotel room......he had one of the 19 year old hotel employees show up for the show.

The night ended with them both gioving her a DV, and BOTH cumming in her pussy, which was indescribable to watch.

I posted in another thread that her ass was still sore from her BBC, so her asshole was off limits to us white boys last night!

She made me clean out her pussy before letting me fuck her....her pussy juice along with two loads was quite the taste.......

Do women think less of a man who enjoys a creampie from multiple guys in his wifes pussy? She said the feeling of men cumming in her pussy makes her feel powerful....any other women have that feeling? View attachment 724


The maximum number of cocks and creampies I ever had in one single night was 45 big black cocks and the gangbang party started at 5 pm and ended 10 am next day with Non Stop fucking and of course they all fucked me in my mouth,asshole and pussy and all came deep inside me so their cum was still inside my pussy and asshole for the next three days.
I could jerk off to that lol