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Don't cry baby ...

There there now baby ... don't cry. Leroy says it's time. I mean, you never use it anymore anyway and the hormones are working very nicely on your skin and breasts. Leroy says your panties will fit much better too. We DO want to look good for Leroy now don't we?

Ooooh, that's it baby ... put your tongue in deeper ... oooh ... yes!!!


Now this evening we'll have a nice little celebration with just a few friends. Then Cindy will perform your procedure. You remember Cindy, right baby? She's the cute little vet tech trainee that cut fido's balls off last year. Well, she also did Sara's hubby a couple months ago. Leroy and I watched the whole thing. It was so fucking hot baby. His little balls and weenie ... OMG baby! She just used a local on him so he was wide awake! God! She was dressed in this skimpy nurse's uniform and you should have seen the look on his face when she bent over to give his little weenie a good-bye kiss! OMG, so fucking hot! John cried like a little baby but I hear he's handling it better now. Sara says he's much quieter now. He does all the cooking, the shopping ... he even helps her get ready for her man. You remember how he didn't like doing that before, don't you?

It's really for the best honey.

Cindy's really excited baby ... when I told her we were ready to have you done she was all smiles ... she remembers how you flirted with her. I could tell too ... you wanted to fuck her didn't you? Did you really think THAT would ever happen! LOL Ah baby, did she make your little weenie ache? I'm sorry, you never really got to use it much, did you?


She's gotta a special treat for you. She wants you to prepare her for the surgery. You'll like that! You get to take her clothes off baby and eat her pussy ... then lay out her surgical tools ... and baby, she's going to perform your procedure naked! That's sooo hot isn't it baby? She does have great tits. She says she wants you to be gazing at them while she does it! OMG baby ...

It's okay baby ... don't cry.
Yes baby, dont cry, we will do just a small procedure with an ax, dont worry it wont hurt, we'r just gonna chop it off and then ull feel much better :)