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Dominated and cuckolded by a black cpl in adult arcade

I met a black couple at the adult arcade and toy store. The girl saw that I was taking a cum eating cuckolds video to the cashier so I could preview it in the booth and she said she wanted to preview that movie. she saw the 2 12" black strap on dildos I left at the cashier for when I checkout. She kept looking at them and then looking down at my pants giggling. Long story short I ended up slipping the cashier a $100 bill to turn his head and let the 3 of go into the preview booth together. So we start watching and she is still giggling at me so I ask what is so funny? She says I've never a white dick in person and I bet you got a lil one. I ask her what she considers lil and she says she likes 10" and above but under 8 is very small in her book. So she starts grabbing at my dick and she feels around and can barley find it and is laughing hysterically saying she doesn't know whether to laugh at it or slap and hurt it. I say u can do whatever u want with it baby so she pulls my pants down and it was shriveled up under a inch and was still shrinking from the cold. They both are laughing Ann's making fun of it. She grabs it and starts squeezing my balls asking if she's squeezing to hard. I say it hurts but don't stop punish me for being such a lil dick sissy wht boy bitch She smacks my balls hard as fuck and diggs her nails into them aLnd says you couldn't handle being my bitch the only thing I would want with a lil wht boy like you is to abuse u. Humiliate you and take all you money nd give it to my big dick daddy right here. She tells him to pull his dick out and show me what a real dick looks like. He pulls it out and he starts around 9 " soft and starts growing while she is slapping my balls and cock and making me bend over in pain He gets rock hard fast and is a huge 12" maybe 12 1/2. I've never seen one this huge in real life she starts sucking him and then gives me a kiss. She says give me your wallet! So I do and she takes all of the cash I have over $500 she says I want more money bitch she tells her hubby stay hard in there and she takes me back in the store and tells me to pull out at least another $500 and she will meet me at the counter. I meet her there and she has a pair of pantys and some tight black bootys shorts a collar and leash two sets of handcuffs a whip and some rope ad a pair of high heels that strap up around your legs like whore boots a bottle of lube and two packs of magnum xls and the two black strap ons I had but trades one out for a 13" she tells the guy we want the bigger booth with the bench in it. He says ok but you can't bring your merchandise back there. She grabs the money out of my hand and gives him $200 and she tells me to pay with my card There is nobody in the store except for a thick black prostitute who is just kind of walking around by the door. She takes me card and tells me to give her the fucking pin code right now and tells me to change into this stuff in the first booth. When I walk out the prostitute is waiting right out side the door with the collar an leash and grabs me by the leash and pulls me hard towards the back and pushes me in to the bigger booth My eyes adjust and I see the girl wearing a strap on and she sitting in front of him sucking his huge black cock they laugh at me and say look at this tiny dick bitch boy! She slaps me and hits my balls hard the hoe laughs and says this is kinda fun and I'm getting $600 I said your getting $600 for what? She says ur girl told me to help us gangbang your ass and to torture u I then realized she was also wearing a huge blk strap on. She has a blanket over the bench and I realize there is a camcorder set up on the door I said no hold up a sec y'all can't get me on video doing this She kicks me in te balls and chokes me and said you agreed to be my bitch u Dnt have a say. That turnt me on so I let it ride and when I went to close the door she yanked me down to my knees and said keep it open! They make me suck both strap ons and then she slaps my face with his huge black cock and she says suck it bitch now! Do it just like the girl