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    I would like to post a hypothetical question. Once a woman has decided to cuckold her husband, does she naturally become dominant? Does the cuckold normally take over the household chores and does she become demanding? It just seems to me that once a woman has been with a superior black man that her love and respect will go to the black man (or men) and that her relationship with her cuckold must change. And does it change to her being in charge? Does a white cuckold have a natural inclination to become wimpy and submissive? Does that first sex act of a wife with a real man change things forever?

    Sorry if the question is vague but hopefully some people from all persuasions on this site will have some ideas. Thanks.
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    Not in my case. My wife and I share most of the family duties and her lovers play no role in family decisions except when and where they fuck my wife. She has the freedom to decide for herself how much time she wants to be with her major bull and others. she can go on trips with him if she wants. But we talk about all that. I will fuck other women if I desire and she is okay with that but I will protect my family. ( we have mixed boold children including one of her lovers' kids).
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    There is no such thing as black is superior and white is inferior thing. .it is too shallow mind set .cuckolding is all about making your wife as a hotwife and sharing her with other men not because husbands are inferior in any way or because husbands are not well endowed etc ..husband become cuckold because he loves to become cuckold and does not need any excuses suxh as penis size and so called superirity