Dominant White Woman looking to cuck hubby with first BBC

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The first time taking BBC, when does white pussy open up to get the maximum pleasure?

  1. As soon as it's stuffed in, it opens and forms around the cock

  2. It takes several minutes to be able to take it and enjoy the fit

  3. It takes several long sex sessions for white pussy to finally get used to it

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  4. It never opens up, and is kind of painful (too deep, to fat).

  5. Doesn't matter, because being fucked properly while your clit is being stimulated is worth the pain

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  1. Herunderstudy

    Herunderstudy New Member

    We are a cuckold couple in Denver. My cuck's dicklette is in a cage 24/7, he is my best friend, and my slave. His best sex organ is his tongue :mstickle:, so I have to go elswhere for real sex. Up until now I have only fucked white men. But now, I'm ready to start looking for some big black meat. I'm ready to have it stuffed in my sweet, tight, white pussy to find out for myself if it really is true what they say...:unsure: . And as usual, I'll have my cuck lick me clean afterwards, because my hubby knows his place, and get's his happiness from my pleasure.

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  2. Jay Woods

    Jay Woods Member Real Person

    damn that looks good, I get to Denver on business, would you be interested in being used by a hung, handsome dominant black bull when im in town?
  3. ACBreeze

    ACBreeze New Member

    Hi Babe, I liked what you had to say. I'm in Denver and would like to connect to see if I could be of service to you ;-) I think it would be most pleasing to have him prep you for fucking and clean you after being fucked the way you need to be fucked. I'd be happy to share a few body pics and discuss what I'd do to that hot body of yours whole your cuck watches.