Dom female seeking couple.

Hey, freak here looking for guys, and couples to use over kik and skype... i do not send anything back don't ask.. i'm a freak because of the weird things i ask guys to do, and wear... mostly masculine type of stuff, i'm really selfish as you can tell, i'm not into the games or leading on type of bullshit i'm really persistant in getting what i want, even if i have to block about 10,000 people in the process, if you end up kik'in me please awknowlage that i don't send back and that you won't get anything in return, because otherwise i'm going to get pissed off.. the reason i don't send shit is because people spread it all over the interenet.. and because i'm selfish.. i really just want someone i can use to get off to t.. permanantly would be nice.. but i know how stubborn people are... i'm one of the so don't expect anything from me i can't stress this enough, i'm not looking for negative feedback here, i'm just someone who is got nothing better to do, with my time.. i'm also into seeing guys fuck girls, and get them pregnant in the process, why? idk just something than turns me on for some reason, fucking weird i know, but you can have peice of mind knowing that it's only the impregnation part... nothing to do with the baby.. because thats sick.. i lactually don't really like kids, its really more of the guys role .. than the girls when it comes down to impregnation, just something that interests me but being a girl i can't do that, i mean we all can't have our way right, but we can try,if you are a couple id gladly welcome you, but the rules still apply.. i don't send back.. all that and id like to see the guy play his part, in impregnation, if possible.. id also watch just sex to. If you are a couple or a male, i get a lot of KIK's surprisingly enough, please send me a full body nude live pic so you get my attention, i'm kinda of a picky bitch, and if you don't listen to all the weird. freaky shit i want from you than ill just block you... i mean PLEASE! don't waste my time... i know i'm going to get negative feedback for this i expect it ... but i woulden't bother because i don't read it or care about your opinion, most people say i should be in the hospital.. there are worse people out there... so shut the fuck up.. but if your interested, hit me up in kik.

Kik: samantha23325